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#AlexOLoughlin: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson – 7 Sept 2009

Alex made his second appearance on the Late Late Show, in September 2009 – as a promotion for Three Rivers

Craig: Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back everybody, what’s up? My next guest is an actor. He’s in a new series called Three Rivers, which premieres Sunday, October the 4th at Nine O’clock right here on CBS. That’s a coincidence. Take a look at this.

[Clip from Three Rivers]

3r scrubs

Craig: Do you know what I think is inappropriate, that there was someone playing the piano in that hospital room? Don’t you want to say, “Hey buddy, knock it off with the piano, this is a very serious thing happening here”.

[Laughs all around]

Craig: Please welcome the very lovely Alex O’Loughlin, everybody.


[Loud Cheers]

Craig: Welcome Alex.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Alex, it is very nice to have you back on the show because I was concerned the last time you were here, because it was the a …. [throws away a paper he was tearing up]

Alex: What’s that?

Craig: That was the questions.

Alex: Oh.

Craig: I was concerned the last time you were here, because you were doing the vampire show. And then the vampire show got cancelled.

Alex: Yeah.

mick upset sad dl bw

Craig: And I thought, well that’s it. It’s over for Alex, I thought.

[Audience Laughs]

Craig: But you’re back. Hooray.

Alex: Yup.

Craig: So hooray. Well done.

Alex: It almost was over.

Craig: No it wasn’t.

Alex: No, it was. I went to Mexico, and a … I got very sick. I got very sick.

Craig: Tequila?

Alex: No. It was after the Tequila. I went into the forest and I got offered a piece of meat.

Craig: Is this a euphemism, or?

Alex: This is true. True story. I was in the forest and I was looking at the pyramids and having a great time. And I was hungry and there was a little stand. And this guy was selling meat.

Craig: Did he have bedazzled boots on?

Alex: I didn’t see his boots. But he had bedazzling eyes. He was a Mayan. You know the Mayan people are very magical. If you ever go down to Yucatan Peninsula, they’re wonderful people.

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula

Craig: Right.

Alex: But I ate the meat. And I don’t remember anything beyond then. I think … botulism

Craig: You got botulism?

Alex: Very sick.

Craig: That’s very dangerous.


Alex: Yeah, very.

Craig: Are you alright?

Alex: I am now.

Craig: You probably … you probably want to see a doctor for something like that, won’t you?

Alex: Well I thought …. You know you think, Aussie. I’ve eaten kangaroo. I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff. I can do that.

Craig: Can you get Botulism from a Kangaroo?

Alex: I don’t think so.

Craig: Have you eaten a Kangaroo?

Alex: Yeah. Not in its entirety, but I’ve eaten.

Craig: Did you just run up to one and took a bite? They can be vicious.

Alex: Yeah, they get kicky.

Craig: I’ve seen …. I’ve hugged a Koala bear once.

Alex: I’ve not.

Craig: Have you not?

Alex: No, I’ve sort of …. I’ve touched one.

Craig: There’s a park in Hadley where you can hug the Koala bears.

Alex: No, I haven’t hugged one.

koala hug al dl

Craig: Yeah and it did a poop on my shoe.


Alex: You look great.


Craig: That’s …. I haven’t had botulism. You look great.

Alex: I look …

Craig: And you have had botulism.

Alex: I look thin. That was the botulism.

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: You know what, I thought HD. Craig’s in HD, that’s why he looks …. But no you look … you look …. different.

Craig: Thanks, Alex.

Alex: How do you like my boots?

Craig: No. The ah …. I actually do quite like them.

Alex: Thank you. They’re Aussie RM Williams, from Australia.

RM Williams Boots

Craig: RM Williams.

Alex: I’ll hook you up later.

Craig: I can’t wear boots like that.

Alex: You absolutely can wear boots like that.

Craig: I can’t. I’ll look like Austin Powers.


Alex: You can pull these off.

Craig: No, I couldn’t.

Alex: You’re very tall though.

Craig: I’m very very tall. Yeah, I’m hugely tall. But how tall are you?

Alex: 6–1 and …

Craig: Six and a half ft.

Alex: You know on a good day, I’m 6-1

Craig: Do you change?

Alex: I do. It depends on like … you know some days …

Craig: I stoop a little bit.

Alex: And some days when I try to … that’s a stoop too.

Craig: Yeah, a reverse stoop. I do that.

Alex: I do that too.


Craig: I try to be taller and I end up falling over.

Alex: And you think you’re more …. You know. You’re extenuating your muscles and the whole… but you’re just … sick.

Craig: No you just look like someone who’s forced at gunpoint into a room.

Alex: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

Alex: I wanted to talk to you about so much stuff. But I can’t remember ….

Craig: Well come on then.

Alex: Well, I can’t remember.

Craig: Well that’s a dispiritive issue

Alex: Juliette Lewis won’t skydive. I would.

Craig: Would you skydive?

Alex: They won’t let me though.

Craig: Who won’t let you?

Alex: In my contract.

Craig: Australians?

Alex: [Laughs]

Craig: No mate … no skydiving mate, sorry no.

Alex: No planes, in Australia.

Craig: No planes in Australia, really?

Alex: No. [laughs]


Craig: I went there. I can’t remember how I got there. I think it must have been by kangaroo or something.

Alex: Yeah. You should try …. It’s good meat, kangaroo, if it’s cooked right.

Craig: I’ve had kangaroo meat.

Alex: Oh you have.

Craig: Yeah, it tastes like venison.

Alex: It does taste like venison.

Craig: I know, I’ve had it.

Alex: Okay, it really does.

Craig: Yeah, I know

Alex: Have you had crocodile?

Craig: Yes, I have.

Alex: It’s kind of like lobster, you think?

Craig: No, the crocodile I had, was a bit chickeny.

Alex: [Nods]

Craig: Ah, you’re nodding knowingly. Like, Ah yeah, you had chicken flavoured crocodile.

Alex: That would be from way up north.

Craig: No, I never had it in Australia. I had it in Russia.

Alex: Yeah, I didn’t have it in Australia either, I had it somewhere else, I can’t remember where.

Craig: Really.

Alex: You know where I just went? I just got … Just this afternoon I got back from Lake Arrowhead. And I took my boat …

Lake Arrow Head

Craig: That’s where the water is … the a ….

Alex: And you know the tap water up there is actually the …

Craig: Lake Arrow Head, water?

Alex: Yeah. That you get in the store here.

Craig: Living the dream there.

Alex: Yeah, they’re living the dream.

Craig: They can …

Alex: What’s in there?

Craig: This is a … this is a …. Lake Arrowhead water I guess. But not from the tap, from …

Lake Arrowhead water

Alex: You’re going to get free Lake Arrowhead water forever now.

Craig: No.

Alex: They’re going to, just going to deliver …

Craig: Why? You’re presuming that people from Lake Arrowhead watch this show.

Alex: Happy Labour Day.

Craig: Happy Labour Day to you.

Alex: It’s good to be working, isn’t it?

Craig: Oh, it’s the best.

Alex: I feel [laughs] I feel very grateful.

Craig: Are you an American citizen yet?

Alex: No, but what’s that got to do with it?

Craig: Well, it’s an American holiday buddy.

Alex: You know, I think …..

Craig: I’m an American. I …. I should get the day …

Alex: Barely. Barely.

Craig: I at least should get the day off. You’re not even American.

Alex: Has it been a year?

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: Don’t … don’t clap.

Craig: Be attractive as you like. These people are patriots.


Alex: You know what, I will do it.

Craig: Will you really?

Alex: I just keep forgetting to do the process. Cause I get a visa every time I work and that last for 3 years. And then 3 years later. But I want the green card and the passport.

Craig: You want to become a citizen. It’s more than just documents, you know. You get Labour day off sometimes.

Alex: How long … has it been a year for you yet?

Craig: Over a year, now.

Alex: And you’re still working Labour Day?

Craig: Yeah. Well, this is more …. This is more community service than work, really.

Alex: I heard it had something to do with the amount of tax you don’t pay or something. You personally.

Craig: Me personally?

Alex: I heard that .. that’s what they’re saying out there.

Craig: There are tax guys out there?

Alex: I don’t know.

Craig: Through there?

Alex: But that’s the thing you know. I mean, I pay a lot of tax, I thought, maybe I’d get today off.

Craig: Nah …. Nah. It’s got nothing to do with money.

Alex: My …..

Craig: Cheap mattresses. That’s what it’s about. Alex, we’re out of time. Listen, good luck with the big Three Rivers thing.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Lovely to see you again.

Alex: Lovely to see you.

Craig: Alex O’Loughlin everybody.


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