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Screen sister ‘Taryn’ talking about Mary and Alex

Will we see more (or anything at all) of Mary McGarrett (and Baby Joan) this season on Hawaii Five-0?

Steve & Mary 2

This is an excerpt of an old article on Starpulse about Taryn Manning on  6 September 2012:

She’s on her way to Hawaii to shoot a return appearance for the upcoming third season of the CBS drama, on which she’s played Steve McGarrett’s wayward sister Mary Ann off and on since the first year. Her character has been somewhat of a wild card: CBS touted her as a regular at one point, only for Mary Ann to be shipped back to the mainland later on. (You can read the very interesting story posted by TV Guide on 20 December 201o here) and of course there is also a post on Five-0 Undercover here about Taryn’s meltdown and recovery at that stage. (Please remember – this is water under the bridge and just a recap of very old news)

Peter with the cast at SOTB 1

Peter with the cast at SOTB 1

This is a part of that article from December 2010:

So is Steve about to lose the last surviving member of his immediate family? My lips are sealed! But I hear one person who is sorry to be saying goodbye to Taryn is Alex. During my last visit to the Hawaiian set, Alex told me, “I haven’t worked with Taryn as much as I would like. She brings out a certain paternal caring that Steve wouldn’t normally have. With both their parents gone, he feels an obligation to keep an eye on her; especially since she’s troubled and kind of out of control.”

Indeed, Taryn confides that “Alex wasn’t very happy” with the producers’ decision to alter their plans for Mary Ann. “He liked me and liked our relationship. He felt my character was necessary to explore further aspects of his role and was prepared to fight for me.”

Taryn also expresses her thanks to Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho), who she says, “sat down with me and had a little heart to heart to make sure I felt okay about everything. He’s very thoughtful.”

Mary Ann proved a challenge for producers from the beginning. She was originally slated to appear in the first four episodes and recur throughout the season. “The family mystery was supposed to slowly unfold over the first season and I was going to play a big part in that with my own Nancy Drew mission,” says Taryn, who had been under the impression that her character would even return for future seasons.  “It was told to me that the first season would be based around the team more, and I should just hang tight.”

However,  producers chose to shift greater focus to McGarrett’s professional associations and less on his personal life. There was also concern that too much was being revealed too soon about the murdered mother. Also taken in the upcoming episode is Steve’s father’s lock box, which contains clues to the mother’s disappearance. “I think they were going to show more of this throughout the season, but now it’s all wrapped up in this episode,” says Taryn.

The original core 5

The original Core-5

Back to the 2012 article:

For her part, Taryn made it clear she’s just excited to be back and getting to work again with her on-screen sibling Alex O’Loughlin (pictured below with Taryn). “He’s not only attractive, but he’s very, very sweet,” she said. “He’s a very genuine, kind, really nice guy. I really like Alex. We kind of have this cool rapport.”

Hawaii Five-0

She hopes that the show’s wider focus in its second season might allow us to see more of Mary Ann. “That’s what’s cool about TV shows that go on and on,” she said. “You’ll start seeing different people introduced, characters get married and have kids.”

Steve and Mary Ann’s mother will also be in season three, as played by Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope).


 My thoughts

  • Was it pressure from the network, or other factors that made the producers change their mind about more of Steve’s story (with his sister)? I know it is from the past and everybody has moved on, but it is interesting to see how the original story lines were cut. It feels like time and time again they back down from giving Steve a more continues and solid story arc ……. 😕




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