H50 5.14 – Alex got some new scars

As you might remember, last week Alex/Steve wore a tan bandage around his arm prior to the white one, and that  made us think Alex really got hurt in that car wreck scene. Now we have proof that it did happen. Alex/Steve has got scars on his right elbow area and still wearing a bandaid. Poor dude, but scars will only make him even sexier 🙂


Pretty nice epi again, lots of action and captivating story. Not a lot of laughs but I did giggle at Steve´s “Don´t touch the sideburns. I´m serious.” I agree with Steve, those sideburns are extra hot!


Here´s a few yummies I captured. Enjoy!

 I love the fitting pants 😉




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23 responses to “H50 5.14 – Alex got some new scars

  1. Andrea

    Yeah, I noticed that scar too… and fitting pants – really yummy! I lost 66 pounds, so I know what it’s like when your clothes doesn’t fit anymore, and Steve wore really big pants in last few episodes


    • i thnk tthats shos hs not fake in what he does dam that poses are great yea he mentioned he got a boo boo but you know how alex gvs a 100% n whtver he oes and thehow trys to make t as real as posible but shit that wreck caused me to hv an accident lmasof


      • im y my texting sucks what iwas trying to ay is you knowAlex gvs 100% in watever he does and that wrecked caused me to hv an accident the show really trys to make it as real as possible and i love tose side burn shows charzacte


  2. Nice pics, especially the last one. Loved Kono and Adam, hated no Danny, yet again, I mean why bother at this point? And as usual no story (Joe) continuity. I did like the twist, never saw that coming.


  3. i lve ths sight love yea from kansas


  4. debras57

    You know what I noticed was the barber chair scene, bloopers – one minute barber was working on Alex left side nape hair and then the next he was on the other side and whoops we look at the ICE cop that was standing and voila, he is back on the left side cutting. Little goof up there. Scene continuity glitched. But I do agree the sideburn comment was great. They are more angular than before I thought. Is he growing them differently? They used to be more straight I thought. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. Sexy no matter what.


    • gracenotpark

      Yeah you are seeing right. They are both longer and more angular…similar to Mick’s sideburns in Moonlight and way different to McG’s in S1. I assume it’s Alex’s choice how he wears his hair, but I don’t really know if that’s true or not.


  5. Lesley Baillie

    Look forward to seeing episode. Alex looking great especially in these tight trousers.


  6. As always, you captured some great angles! Good thing I was watching the ep alone, because when I saw that @ss (from the last gif) I gasped out loud. 😛 Absolute perfection in those pants! Even sexier with all those zippers and belts and holsters and guns…Oh my…((THUD)) It looks like there is a spot light right on the prize. 😆 Hopefully Mr Director DDK indulges us fangirls in the next ep with some extra tight closeups of our man’s “assets”.
    I too loved the “sideburn” line and the look when he was asked to pay. Thanks for the pose/”stomping” gif. 🙂 He can’t stand still sometimes. Always ready for action, I guess. I’m ready, when he wants some action,that’s for sure!


    • You will have to wait a few more weeks for DDK’s directoral debut. He directed epi 517 – and it will air only in 27 February, I think.
      I sometimes wonder what real conversations happen between him (Alex) and the barber/stylist cutting their hair for the show. 😀


      • alexnymph

        Real conversation probably something more like “um, hello there, please pay attention and don’t cut my ear off” as he waves his hand in front of the hairdresser’s stupified face. 🙂


  7. Lee Ann

    Really liked this action episode, that wrecking ball was scary! Nice to see Kono/Adam, looks like some problems there. Don’t like Alex’ sideburns, but then I’m not wearing them, he’s happy with ’em – all O.K. As usual Scott is off doing his own thing. Maybe he needs a permanent transfer back to New Jersey. Will watch rerun/on demand again for this show.


  8. alexnymph

    I knew you would catch that last move in a gif–Alex in all his glory–datass, the cutest look ever on his face, and even some finger porn (dreaming of Dr. Alex, OB-GYN). THANK YOU!

    Of all the things Alex could sell . . . add leather gloves to that list.


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  10. Andr3a

    Seeerious sideburns & a$$-hugging pants! My life is now complete! ***THUD***


  11. Perfect gifs are perfect!!!! A McFace episode!

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  12. Leah

    I too am enjoying the sideburns as they’re more like Mick’s. :p Got a chuckle over the sideburns comment while watching the fake hair trim. Great gifs as usual – especially the rear view pants!


  13. debras57

    Yes, the sideburns are terrific, and now if he would let his hair go a bit longer with a bit more scruffiness. Oh yeah my heart would melt more. After all he isn’t a SEAL anymore but an undercover cop sort of and he could get away with not having the shorter stern look.


    • Oh but he still is a SEAL. A Lt. Cmdr., Navy reserve, and he has to go to regular training and missions. Like in 3.20 as he had to retrieve Freddy’s body in exchange for the Korean prisoners.

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      • debras57

        That’s right, I forgot he was still Reserve. They talk about him ‘leaving’ the SEAL’s to do this job, I think he is still allowed to have his hair longer though and he is allowed to have a beard.


  14. Lee Ann

    Those ‘fitted’ pants – they have a shine to them like leather, but you wouldn’t wear leather in Hawaii (I couldn’t, denim was too hot for me). Fabric?


  15. Betsy Craig

    Loving all your comments on the episodes, brings back some of the scenes that I chuckled at. Keep up the great work.


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