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#AlexOLoughlin Got Kitty Competition! Again.

Kitty lovers ahoy! After a long struggle and in anticipation of a certain white furry friend soon, we decided it’s  time to get these battling duos out for your enjoyment 🙂

Funny cats have invaded the internet and there’s plenty to choose from, alas Alex proves to be more of a challenge. Let’s have a look at what kind of competition Alex got this time .smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_ReiketuLet’s start with some warm up.

Alex seems to be quite limber and he might give kitty a good chase, though perhaps not at 3 am.

Tummies filled with treats.

(I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers)

Hydration is vital.

Is that the key to juiciness, perhaps 😛

Hugsies, these guys know how to give them.

Squeeze us please!

Bad hair days, everyone has them.

But, Yikes :/ What were they thinking!?

Halloween costumes by Steve´s tight purse.

‘Lost and Found’ hat will do for McG, and poor kitty gets an even worse deal.

 Breaking in and out, some skilled lock mechanics at work.

 Sneaky moves and they never see you coming…

Sometimes it is best to blend in with nature.

Who of us wouldn’t want to be invisible (especially in Hawaii 😉 )

 Dammit! Do I stay or do I go?

And then things take unexpected turns.

 That’s all I’ve got this time.

Hope you got some smiles and had a few seconds of stress free browsing 😉

There will be no sore losers today!

Now it is up to uncle Steve and Mr Pickles, to give us some warm fuzzy feelings 🙂



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