Alex & Sophia on the set of Moonlight, talking to ET – 2007

Alex and Sophia Myles talking about Mick And Beth and Episode 3 of Moonlight.


Alex: This show is about, vampires who walk among us, today, in 2007.


Sophia: Beth has just found out that Mick is a vampire. So she goes around to his apartment, a couple of days later to talk to him and find out what the hell is going on. Basically, because she is completely flipped out about it, as you would.

It is a very complicated relationship. I mean there is definitely…… There’s a sexual tension between them. Obviously. I mean, look at him!

Alex: The thing about sex-scenes, and romance and passion and stuff in films. There is a crew of 50 people standing around. And you know, I mean, it’s the most awkward thing an actor ever has to do, is roll around somebody else he doesn’t know at all, in the nude.

You have people kind of fondling around, all parts of your body. And they put you in what is called, a ‘dancers belt‘. Which is essentially a G-string. And they kind of just fondle where and fiddle around where they will. And you just kind of have to ignore them.

It could make for a steamy season. It certainly could……..


My Thoughts

  • Dear Alex, I’m sure they fiddle and fondle around you even more than is absolutely necessary, whenever they get the chance to do so – I  surely would! 😛
  • There were a little bit of steam in Moonlight – but there could have been so much MORE! To use Sophia’s words: “LOOK AT HIM”. He is a creature made for passion. 😀


Link to the clip


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4 responses to “Alex & Sophia on the set of Moonlight, talking to ET – 2007

  1. LOL fun little interview 🙂
    BTW you and me both FOYEUR!


  2. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:


  3. Colleen

    Even Sophia got the Alex bug. Her “Just look at him!” Cracks me up. I know all of us agree with her. He is sexy and it seems he knows it. Haha. 😊


  4. Sophia is not the Red Blooded Brit I think she is if she didn’t fall at least at Least a little bit in love with Alex during MOONLIGHT/ Who wouldn’t??


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