The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 107

We continue our story from here


Okay, so Steve and Danny watch and listen to what Joe is up to while under quarantine……. Oops, wrong story 😀 Of course we do not have any follow through on the Doris/Joe story last week. This is Hawaii Five-0, and storylines do not continue or return before we all have forgotten and/ or do not care about it at all anymore. 😦

In fact there is nothing new happening in Steve’s life and therefore no story for me to write. I hope you all enjoy Paula’s beautiful screencaps with me. With Alex/Steve, it is always only a pleasure to watch……..

The flow of the episode was very good and entertaining. Everybody doing their part to get the job done. Just another feel good Hawaii Five-0 episode. Some procedural weekly fun and entertainment.


Just some final thoughts about the series, Kono etc:

  • Adam says that he never asked Kono to give up her job, but she expects him to give up his business. And what will he do then? Firstly, if I remember correctly he was a successful lawyer on the mainland before his father left and he took over the business. Secondly, by asking her to marry him, he is in effect asking her to give up her job. Why do I say that? Because the main reason for them to get married, would be to start a family and that more or less would mean her leaving Five-0, because that is clearly not a suitable job for a mother with babies and young children.
  • I see a lot of people on social media feel now that Kono agreed to marry Adam, the character of Adam will have a target on his head. My opinion is that it is actually Kono, who would/should leave Five-0 and the show, because as Mrs Noshimuri, wife and maybe mother of the children of a high society, rich man, she would hardly fit in the role as a badass cop. That is reality! So happily ever after for a couple like them, does not fit into the Hawaii Five-0 genre at all. So will Adam die, will Kono leave Five-0 or will the show end?

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 514 –

Powehiwehi (Blackout)


To be continued here



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27 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 107

  1. Thank you for referring to the continuity issue. I mentioned that in yesterdays post it is so frustrating. Maybe Adam dies, I don’t see Kono leaving 50 but then again Danny is hardly there so why not do the same for her and destroy the show even more? I hope it doesn’t end but that is my gut feeling but who knows? If it does end, I just hope Alex gets some really good parts to showcase his acting skills. BY the way, how many episodes are left?


    • There are still 11 episode left for this season – they are scheduled for 25 for the season.


      • Good then there is still hope lol Also, someone below commented about Danny making Steve smile and I totally agree. Steve was not smiling much this episode except when he figured out who the killer was. I think Danny brings out the best in Steve and vice versa and when Danny is missing the show loses a lot. At least for me it does.


  2. I’m a big J. D. Robb fan, and this conversation between Adam and Kono reminded me of similar conversations between Eve and Roarke. She’s a cop and he’s a billionaire with a shady past. They married almost 38 books ago and it hasn’t affected the plots or romantic tension between them. I’m a romantic and I think it could work because each know how much their work matters to them.


  3. There are plenty of female cops who are married (and have kids). There is Katherine Beckett of Castle (sans kids but a bad ass cop). JJ from Criminal Minds she’s a mom and a Profiler…I can name more. I think we should just sit back and enjoy the show and not speculate what will happen. We have done that in the past and it hasn’t turned out as we expected. I am on pins and needles hoping the show gets renewed other than that I am not expecting a lot…I can’t it’s just too much pressure :0


  4. It was a good weekly crime show story. The bar is set so high because we know these actors are capable of so much. I enjoyed it more on my re-watch since I wasn’t distracted by tweeting 😉 I also had to get past the missing Danno “AGAIN” that distracts me.

    Now for the important stuff. Alex looked so cute in this episode as stern Steve. Although, I missed more smiles. I like it when he smiles. I am a Scott/Danny fan but I know a lot of Alex fans don’t like him on the show. My thought is Danny makes Steve smile and that makes me smile.

    Adam and Kono??? Guess we just have to wait and see what is in store for these two. Ian is not long for this series. He is way too talented to have such a minor role. But I would also think that the story needs at least 1 successful relationship on the team but maybe that’s Grover and the way they keep pulling a character out each week, eliminating someone may be the plan.


  5. karen

    I hate over analyzing every little thing on H50!! I wish I could just watch it every week and not see a single thing about it otherwise. It worked for Moonlight. I wasn’t even online back then, and I thoroughly enjoyed ML without all the angst that I didn’t even know was going on behind the scenes. I admit with some things that are going on this season I am getting a little worried about getting another season. I HATE HATE HATE this!


  6. debras57

    I’m with Barb above, lots of characters have kids and the show keeps going. We forget that one season of the show could be really a month in real life. So Adam and Kono could be engaged for another 3 seasons. I did read at the beginning of the season that Lenkov said there would be a marriage this season. Now was he talking about the Aunt Deb marriage or Kono? Maybe both of them to keep us off track. And the very top picture of Alex on this page above, take a look at those eyes. Do they not just reach inside you, he looks sad here..yet they are those bedroom eyes of his also. The angle makes them look blue and not the hazel that they really are. As for Scott, He does have a new baby also, and his Dad and Stepmom are splitting. So maybe he has family to deal with, and to me that would take priority over a show. Scott makes 80,000 per episode and Alex makes 100 grand per episode (he’s highly underpaid I think) I wouldn’t walk away from that kind of money.


    • About the pay, surely Alex makes more than just 100k? I remember that being his salary in the first season, and think I saw it went up since then, but haven´t seen what the number is in recent years. And I think Scott shouldn´t make that much anymore, since he is hardly part of the show. This was the first epi when I truly didn´t even notice him missing. Once again I think how bad his fans must be feeling, but I guess they are getting used to it by now?


      • debras57

        I was looking up the pay on a site just last week. It seemed to be up to date. I too thought it was low. It’s 115,000 according to this. From a guy who sold his vehicle and lived on a couch to being worth over 7 million..Wow..


        • We don´t think that can be right? He was paid already over 100k 2nd season, surely with the new contract they had to offer him more 🙂
          I am thinking 200k by now, surely?


          • debras57

            I found that Tom Selleck of Blue Bloods that is on right after H 5-0 only gets 122,000 per episode. That show is way up in the ratings, and Tom is an experienced actor with many years under his belt. When I think back to Magnum PI days…and to now. He isn’t getting much for his series. Makes one wonder what the payscale is. Betty White is getting 75000 per episode for Hot in Chicago. Guess we will never know on this one, what Alex is getting.


  7. Sue

    Why is everyone so intent on predicting that this is the last season for H50? They are doing fantastic in the ratings, and even Peter Lenkov says that its not the end. Too much negativity!


    • I think it is the little things accumulating. And I don´t really trust Peter that much. But having said this, I am not sure this is the end for H50 🙂


    • debras57

      I agree I don’t think it’s the end. In the one interview Alex said he signed on for 6 seasons or more if it goes for longer. And it’s high in the ratings. The wrecking ball episode was one of the highest ratings for the show this season, it had a few million watching it. I’m not writing them off. We still have Danny and Chin to get the love interests moving, Steve still needs one, we need endings to story lines that will wrap into something new. If the original can be on for 8 years?? so can this one.


  8. From what I could gather, it is standing operation procedure that an actor signs a long-term contract with a network in the beginning of series (like Hawaii Five-0). Most of the times, 6 or 7 years. This however does not mean that the series will only last those 7 years or that the series can’t end before those 7 years are up. It is just a character commitment from the actor for that role and their contracts are renewed every year in any case.

    It is all about money for the Network. If the series no longer turns a profit it is discontinued. That means that if it costs them more to make the show, than the money it brings them, they need to cut it lose. That is business. How do they make their money? Through advertising while it is broadcast in the USA and extra income when they sell the series overseas and in syndication as well.
    From what I could see, Hawaii Five-0 lost 2 of its major sponsors at the beginning of Season 5 and there are rumours that the show is not turning a profit for the people who bought it in syndication. (That is as far as I saw on social media) I however do not know how any of that really affects the show.

    At the moment I do not think even Peter knows if it will continue or not. All I know is that he is wrapping up lots of the stories and that he said he is writing it to go either way. It all depends on how well the show is doing this year and if the Network is still making money on it. In everything that has been said by many people involved, it is clear that the show is in the balance. To what side if the scale the balance is going at the moment – none of us here knows.
    I wrote one sentence >>>> “So will Adam die, will Kono leave Five-0 or will the show end?” And people tell me to stop speculating and we should not be negative. I am not – I am just pointing to some facts that can go in many directions…..
    I just think that in all the years of the show, that this is the one year where they are really not sure that it will be renewed or not. It could go either way. We will know for sure in about month or so, I guess.
    In the shows favour, it seems that it is doing great in the ratings and that might help them to bring in the new sponsors, so that they can continue making it at a profit. For those who want the show to continue, that is good news.

    Do I want it to end? Yes and no. Why am I saying this?
    Firstly, for me it is about Alex – if he still enjoys doing it and prefers the show to continue, then that is my wish as well. If he wants to move on, and the opportunities are there, then great. From what I have seen of him since following his career, is that one thing is for sure, whatever it is, he will give his 100% to whatever job he is committed to – Hawaii Five-0 or anything else. But of course there are lots more people involved and many many jobs at stake as well here. Let us hope that if the show does end, that there will be new opportunities for all of them.

    The same goes for Alex. If Steve McGarrett ends, hopefully there will be something even bigger and better for him to do. (But that is not a guarantee) That is how it works in the industry. You are as good as your last role and opportunities are there constantly or not. Let’s hope he is at the right place at the right time, for his big break and that one role that will launch him onto an even bigger stage and recognition.

    If the show continues for a few or many more years, which it probably will, I do hope that it will not only bring job satisfaction for all involved (especially Alex), but also viewers’ satisfaction for all of us who wants to follow Alex’s career.


    • Colleen

      That was a really insightful post, Foyeur. When ever you write things like this it always makes me think. I agree with you that this is the first year everything feels uncertain. Selfishly I hope it continues because I would miss seeing Alex but if it doesn’t I’m sure he will find something amazing. I am just grateful to have your blog and in the event that the show does end you will still be around to give us Alex fans our fix. We are very grateful for what you and Paula do. 😃


      • Thanks Colleen
        I try to always see the full picture and not be run by my own emotions on the subject. There are so many factors playing a role here.
        I think for Alex fans there are both good and bad, if the show should end. The uncertainty of what will be next, can be bad. But then again the potential of what might be the next thing, can be just great.
        Only time will tell.


        • gracenotpark

          You and Paula do a great job with facts, source-citing, interesting asides and detailed observations, beautiful pics and gifs…and when you give your opinions on your blog, you are both always careful to note it so.

          That said, I agree with you that THIS year, it’s a toss up so far if we’re getting a season 6. Ratings were not great this Fall (to match the ep quality? 😉 ) but they have inched up this winter, so that’s good. And importantly, February is a “Sweeps” month in American TV…meaning it is one of the 3 periods when advertisers look at the ratings to determine if a show warrants their ad money, and how much of it. So higher ratings right now is excellent timing. On the more worrying side, TNT’s shade hurts us, losing the long-time sponsors is not a good sign, and unlike past seasons, Lenkov is not as assuring as he has been every other year. In one interview he plainly said he doesn’t know yet and even his assurances on Twitter are less robust than in the past; which I believe does mean he just doesn’t know yet. I expect he will know by the end of this month…dunno when he, CBS, or,the press will tell us.


    • One thing that angers me is that CBS doesn’t seem to support H50 like other shows. When they do all of their promos for shows H50 is always left out, why is that? Go figure…hoping for a renewal.


  9. II Love Alex and co and the show and agree with FOYeurs comments What worries me is that nobody in the cast seems to have a a PR person anymore or a CBS publicity department !!!!! No Official HAWAII FIVE -O pictures autographed or otherwise are being sent to fans at least not to any I know and I know A LOT of fans all over the World The silence is I believe we will have the show for a while longer but franky I am a bit nervous for all of us deafening from Hawaii and the Mainland/ I am curious if anybody else has thought about this. It all seemed to be about the 100th episode and then it got very quiet and I think the fans have started to get worried I am not Negative but i AM realistic/ I care about you lovely ladies here and I think all of you know of my deep love for Alex both as a man and an actor I want ONLY the best for all of us and for us to get another season but am I certain we will??? NO


  10. Yes nothing new to the McGarrett story, no continuity in the Joe White storyline, yet I enjoyed this epi very much. These bicker and nagging free epis are such a relief and so entertaining. Lots of friendship, companionship, I liked it! The episode had a great flow. And the “don’t touch the sideburns… I’m serious” line was hilarious as was his face! I could watch this and his face as he was going to pay in a loop. Perfectly done, and I loved the moment, the McTwist, when Steve figured it out!
    But I don’t care at all about the Kono/Adam story. Sorry, but you don’t love/marry a guy who had no problem to hold you and your friends at gunpoint and tied you up and gagged you. No. A million times no.


  11. AlexOloughlinlover

    I loved episode 5.14


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