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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 107

We continue our story from here


Okay, so Steve and Danny watch and listen to what Joe is up to while under quarantine……. Oops, wrong story 😀 Of course we do not have any follow through on the Doris/Joe story last week. This is Hawaii Five-0, and storylines do not continue or return before we all have forgotten and/ or do not care about it at all anymore. 😦

In fact there is nothing new happening in Steve’s life and therefore no story for me to write. I hope you all enjoy Paula’s beautiful screencaps with me. With Alex/Steve, it is always only a pleasure to watch……..

The flow of the episode was very good and entertaining. Everybody doing their part to get the job done. Just another feel good Hawaii Five-0 episode. Some procedural weekly fun and entertainment.


Just some final thoughts about the series, Kono etc:

  • Adam says that he never asked Kono to give up her job, but she expects him to give up his business. And what will he do then? Firstly, if I remember correctly he was a successful lawyer on the mainland before his father left and he took over the business. Secondly, by asking her to marry him, he is in effect asking her to give up her job. Why do I say that? Because the main reason for them to get married, would be to start a family and that more or less would mean her leaving Five-0, because that is clearly not a suitable job for a mother with babies and young children.
  • I see a lot of people on social media feel now that Kono agreed to marry Adam, the character of Adam will have a target on his head. My opinion is that it is actually Kono, who would/should leave Five-0 and the show, because as Mrs Noshimuri, wife and maybe mother of the children of a high society, rich man, she would hardly fit in the role as a badass cop. That is reality! So happily ever after for a couple like them, does not fit into the Hawaii Five-0 genre at all. So will Adam die, will Kono leave Five-0 or will the show end?

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 514 –

Powehiwehi (Blackout)


To be continued here



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