#AlexOLoughlin doing a Live Chat for CBS and Three Rivers – 1 October 2009

Alex at Live Chat Oct 2009

11:57 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi gang

11:57 Alex O’Loughlin: this is fun isn’t it?

11:59 Alex O’Loughlin: This might get a little crazy so let me just say in advance thank you all very much for hanging with me today.

11:59 [Comment From Pam] Do you have any specific story ideas you would like to see written for “Three Rivers?

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: I’m working on a couple at the moment. All which inspired by true stories

12:00 [Comment From Hilary Elizabeth] alexxxxxx i love youuuuu

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: thank you Hilary

12:00 [Comment From Jamie] With the shakeup of episodes are you nervous that CBS is sabotaging this show like they did with Moonlight?

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: No CBS cares deeply for this show..
12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: well….they better

12:00 [Comment From Chelsea] What inspired you to be an actor?

12:01 Alex O’Loughlin: Chelsea the persistence of human spirit

12:01 [Comment From Bianca33] If you were not an actor, what would you like to do?

12:01 Alex O’Loughlin: Bianca – I don’t know what I’d do

12:02 [Comment From Guest] Would you ever consider becoming a US citizen, or do you see yourself living in Australia at some point in the future.

12:02 Alex O’Loughlin: I would absolutely consider becoming a US citizen. it would be an honor and I would also keep Australian citizenship

12:02 [Comment From Melly] how hard is it for you to do an American accent? You’re great at it.

12:03 Alex O’Loughlin: Melly – Not hard for some reason it comes naturally. That being said I have worked on it for over 10 years.

12:03 [Comment From Jane (Belgium)]  Did you meet a lot of real transplant patients going into this?

12:03 Alex O’Loughlin: Jane – Yes, it’s been inspirational.

12:04 [Comment From Marion (aka captainknuff)] Who is your inspiration? Any heroes? I was wondering if you could come to Austria for a visit?! =) You’re the greatest! Thank you for everything you do!!!

12:05 Alex O’Loughlin: Marion – You’re welcome! And Thank you for a lovely message. I have many inspirations. One of which being Dr. Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. People who care about people inspire me.

The Dr's set

12:05 [Comment From Violett] Hello from Russia, Alex!

12:05 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Russia

12:05 [Comment From Olivia] Have any of the transplant patients you’ve met really touched your heart?

12:06 Alex O’Loughlin: Olivia – Yes all of them of course. This is the most incredible topic matter and the closer I get to it the more I realize how important it is that we carry these stories as honestly as we possibly can.

12:06 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Planet Earth

12:06 [Comment From Pam] Are you becoming more comfortable with your sex symbol image yet?

12:07 Alex O’Loughlin: Pam – No never

12:07 [Comment From Melinda] “Mary Bryant” was a great film. Do you like history, and do you have a favorite period or time?

12:09 Alex O’Loughlin: Melinda – Thank you very much. That mini series was an important step in my career and earned me an AFI nomination back home. I love history.

12:09 [Comment From Jamie] I can’t wait to see Three Rivers! Have you and the cast clicked well together?

12:10 Alex O’Loughlin: Jamie – Clicked famously. I love them all. They’re amazing!

12:10 [Comment From GinaUK] Hi Alex. How did you get interested in motorbikes? My dad got me into them! 🙂 Thanks Gina

Alex - 2009

12:11 Alex O’Loughlin: Gina – I loved them since I was a kid. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep fascination with engines and a longing for danger.

12:10 [Comment From ladarkfemme] Spain loves you, you´re amazing!

12:11 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Spain

12:11 [Comment From Allegrita] Alex, you’ve said before that you enjoy doing different roles. Would you consider yourself a “method” actor? You seem to immerse yourself in your character.

12:13 Alex O’Loughlin: Allegrita – I suppose you can consider the way I work or elements of the way I work and approach character as method. I absolutely throw myself into every role and try to live and breathe each character I play. I am also and have always been an inquiring mind.

12:12 [Comment From sarah] Hello Alex I woke up at 5am for this

12:13 Alex O’Loughlin: Sarah – Me too. Thanks for coming

12:13 [Comment From Kristy723] Hey Alex! Is the show going to address the problem of people not getting organs because of their insurance and or financial status?

12:14 Alex O’Loughlin: Kristy – Yes the show is going to address just about every question you can think of when it comes to organ donation. This is one of our most important issues we deal with.

12:14 [Comment From Olivia] You are a wonderful actor

12:14 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you very much Olivia

12:14 [Comment From Brandy (Las Vegas)] I am a huge fan Alex and am really looking forward to Three Rivers. Tell us what being the Ambassador for Donate Life America involves. Was this an area of interest of yours before the taping of the show or had this developed as being a part of Three Rivers?

Acceptance speech - Donate Life Person of the Year 2010

12:16 Alex O’Loughlin: Brandy – It certainly developed more as a part of Three Rivers. I was always an organ donor, but to be honest I didn’t really know exactly what that meant. Now that I’ve learnt and become intimate with this cause it’s been with great pleasure that I have become a spokesperson, and now an official ambassador for Donate Life

12:17 [Comment From Melinda] We hear that you love practical jokes. Have you played any pranks on the 3R cast and crew?

12:17 Alex O’Loughlin: Melinda – Not really, I don’t have any time LOL! But they’ve got it coming.

12:17 [Comment From petralisa from germany] Hello Alex, what would you say people who are afraid to register as organ donors.

12:20 Alex O’Loughlin: Petralisa – Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid. You will not be treated any differently in any hospital or under any circumstance and will always be given every last chance of survival. It is only well and truly after brain death, signed off by at least 2 doctors that any action is taken for organ recovery. You have the chance to save up to 8 lives and enhance up to 50 lives.

How incredible is that??!! To find out more go to http://www.donatelife.net

Please don’t be afraid!

12:20 [Comment From Patty(Minnesota)] Alex, any upcoming guest actors that you are excited to work with in “Three Rivers”?

12:21 Alex O’Loughlin: Patty – They don’t tell me who is coming on but the guests we’ve already had, have all been awesome

12:21 [Comment From Jacky] I was wondering how you deal with those medical words? do you get them right away or do you need some practice sometimes lol

12:22 Alex O’Loughlin: Jacky – I need lots of practice. And I do lots of studying.

12:22 [Comment From Melly] a show like this, while very important, can get depressing. Are there any light-hearted episodes or moments to break up the tension?

12:23 Alex O’Loughlin: Melly – Absolutely. The way these people survive in a job like this is by finding the light hearted moments in between.

12:23 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi Isabellita Kiss

12:23 [Comment From Isabellita] wooo hoo!

12:23 [Comment From Diana] Alex what do you do in your Spare Time when you’re not working?

12:24 Alex O’Loughlin: Diana – I have no spare time LOL but I love music

12:24 [Comment From pinkie] Is it true that they have you singing on the show? Please let it be true!!

12:24 Alex O’Loughlin: Pinkie – I hope not.

12:24 [Comment From Olivia] Will Dr. Yablonski have any romances on the show?

12:25 Alex O’Loughlin: Olivia – I’m sure they will find someone for Andy.

12:25 [Comment From michele aka Candomom99] Are you planning on getting behind the camera and into the writing process at all?

12:25 Alex O’Loughlin: MicheleI’m not really a writer but I would love to get into direction at some stage.

12:25 [Comment From rijane] What’s the craziest fan experience you’ve had so far?

12:26 Alex O’Loughlin: Rijane – Probably getting naked photos with phone numbers and addresses.

12:26 [Comment From Lady D] Hi! Did you get to shadow the guy they’ve based your character on? I cannot recall his name, but he’s supposed to be quite a character.

12:27 Alex O’Loughlin: Lady D – Yes I did shadow Dr. Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. He has become a dear friend and a source of great inspiration.

Alex & Dr Gonzo

12:27 [Comment From Uliana] You’re the best actor in the world! Russia says hello, Alex!!

12:28 Alex O’Loughlin: Uliana – That’s a great compliment. Thank you very much.

12:27 [Comment From Anju] Actually you have a huge fanbase all over the world…. So do you sometimes google for your own name or visit your fansites???

12:28 Alex O’Loughlin: AnjuI don’t google myself. It’s awful. I’m sure you understand.

12:29 [Comment From Maria from Holland] do you still keep in touch with your former Moonlight colleagues?

12:29 Alex O’Loughlin: Maria – On occasion. We are all very busy but they are great friends and I love them.

12:30 [Comment From Anna (Sweden)] ok, I just love your tattoos and was wondering do they have a meaning behind them?

12:31 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi Anna – thank you. They all have meaning…but we all need secrets.

12:31 [Comment From Lori] I know you are on MySpace. Are you on Twitter or Facebook at all?

12:32 Alex O’Loughlin: Lori – No. CBS has begged for both but I’m thinking about creating my own … it’s going to be called TWITFACE

12:32 [Comment From Andy (Denmark)] Your devilish good looks…good genes or hard work?

12:32 Alex O’Loughlin: Andy – It’s a bit of both I suppose

12:32 [Comment From Lucky] Did you enjoy throwing out the pitch at the ball game the other day?


12:33 Alex O’Loughlin: Lucky – Loved it so much! I will never forget it.

12:33 [Comment From Anju] From vampire to doctor… what you wanted to become when you were a child?

12:34 Alex O’Loughlin: Anju – I wanted to become a jet fighter pilot, but my 1st grade teacher told me I would never be able to because I have asthma. Always teach children to reach for the stars

12:34 [Comment From Sabine Atkins] Are you aware of the fan-based organ donation campaigns going on in your honor?

12:34 Alex O’Loughlin: Sabine – I heard rumors but would love to know more.

12:35 [Comment From Nadia] Hey Alex With such a busy life, do you ever have time to watch other TV shows?

12:35 Alex O’Loughlin: Nadia – Not much it is very unfortunate. But I never miss Family Guy

12:36 [Comment From Miriam A. Wellons] Is it possible that some of your old co-stars from Moonlight could be guests on Three Rivers; especially Sophia Miles. Great Chemistry you two had!

12:36 Alex O’Loughlin: Miriam – It’s entirely up to casting but not a bad idea.

12:36 [Comment From Patty(Minnesota)] Hey Alex, how about a guest spot on “Dexter”. You would be awesome!

12:36 Alex O’Loughlin: Patty – OMG I would love that

12:36 [Comment From rijane] What’s on your bookshelf? What stories speak to you?

12:37 Alex O’Loughlin: Rijane – Lots of stories inspire me especially stories about real people

12:38 [Comment From Lucky] If you could play any character from fiction or history, who would it be?

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: Lucky – I don’t know yet. There are so many stories that inspire me. I would have to sit down and have a good long think about it.

12:38 [Comment From vera] loved your guest spot on Criminal Minds, you were awesome as Vincent!

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Vera

12:39 [Comment From Carla] The holidays are coming up, do you plan on spending them here (US) or going home to Australia?

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: CarlaOz as we Aussies call home

12:39 [Comment From donna] do you think Moonlight would have done better on HBO or Showtime, maybe survived?

12:40 Alex O’Loughlin: Donna – I am currently sitting in the CBS offices at gunpoint so I can not answer that question and feel confident about my safety. hahaha

12:40 Alex O’Loughlin: What’s up Ireland!!!

12:40 [Comment From courtney] Where do you prefer? the US or Aus?

12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Courtney – I love them both.
12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: PS. Home is where the heart is

12:41 [Comment From Angelina – San Francisco] Have you ever thought of starting your own line of clothing? My son loves everything that you wear!

12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Angelina – That’s very sweet. I’ve never thought of that, but it’s not a bad idea.
12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Angelina – Tell your son he’s a style master!!!

12:41 [Comment From FrenchGaelle] What is your favourite moment of a day?

12:42 Alex O’Loughlin: French – When the sun breaks the horizon and the air is still clean.

12:42 [Comment From MariaMoonlight] Does any lady have your heart at this time?

12:42 Alex O’Loughlin: MariaMoonlight – My mum

12:43 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi GemmaI’m typing like you

12:43 [Comment From MC2B] Alex what is your favorite movie of all time?

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: MC2B – That is an unanswerable question. There are so many incredible films but some of the films in my top 10 are IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, GODFATHER II, WITH NAIL & I, ON THE WATERFRONT.

12:44 [Comment From Miriam A. Wellons] Thanks for being so kind to your fan base and I really enjoy your sense of humor and the way you are so real. Hope you have continued success with Three Rivers.

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you so much Miriam

12:44 [Comment From Kathi] How did you celebrate your birthday??

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: Kathi – With people I love, good food, good music and plenty of relaxation.

12:45 [Comment From BaltimoreJaxs] boxers or briefs?

12:46 Alex O’Loughlin: JaxsNeither…Just Joking.

Briefs at the moment but it always changes.

12:46 [Comment From Hunnybee] Do you prefer doing comedy or drama more?

12:46 Alex O’Loughlin: Hunnybee – I’m an actor. I’ll do whatever I can.

12:46 [Comment From Courtney] I’m trying to get EVERYONE I know to watch the premiere!!!

12:47 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you Courtney! Tell the world!

12:48 Alex O’Loughlin: MzwaspAfter a hard day, I stop and meditate which shakes the day off and then I shower and read. I usually don’t get too far into the book before I’m out.

12:48 [Comment From Sue] You talked about being sick in South America on Craig Ferguson’s show – are you completely recovered?

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Sue – I’m completely recovered. Thank you for asking.

12:49 [Comment From Eliana74] What do you think, is your most worst habit?

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Eliana74 – My most worst habit is cursing.

12:49 [Comment From silvy220] Hi Alex!! Good luck with TR!!

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Silvy!

12:49 [Comment From Vivian] we would all love to meet you, of course, but who would you like to meet someday?

12:51 Alex O’Loughlin: Vivian – Great question. Al Gore, Chris Cornell, Billy Connelly, and this one might be a little more difficult…Jimi Hendrix

12:50 [Comment From Ursi (Switzerland)] Thank you so much for having done this chat. It’s just incredible to be able to talk to you! You’re one incredibly decent person. And I love all your work. I also love your fascinating humour, it’s just so funny. I wish you all the very best for your career, but also for your private life. xoxo

12:51 Alex O’Loughlin: Ursi – Thank you so much. You’re very kind.

12:51 [Comment From Arualy] What’s the meaning of the golden signet ring you’re often wearing on your pinkie?

TCA - July 2007

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: ArualyMy pinkie ring is my family crest. Aside the watches I wear it’s really my only piece of jewelry. It was a gift and holds great significance.

12:51 [Comment From KarenJ] Alex, you ROCK

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: Karen J – Thank You

12:51 [Comment From Anne-Lise] I really hope a Norwegian network will air the show.!

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: Anne-Lise – Me too

12:53 [Comment From Connie] You were amazing on CRIMINAL MINDS playing a serial killer. Which is more enjoyable for you as an actor? Good guy or villain?

12:53 Alex O’Loughlin: Connie – villains are easier for me to play for some reason.

12:53 [Comment From Jeanne] Hi Alex, what intrigued you about this show?

12:54 Alex O’Loughlin: Jeanne – It’s a show about real people in real situations and a show that deals with issues going on around us all right now that we should know more about, but we don’t. The characters are full and the writing is great.

12:54 [Comment From Barb A.] Beer or wine?

12:55 Alex O’Loughlin: Barb A – Beer

12:54 [Comment From lynnrxgal] Question for Alex: Do you have a memorable “Ah Ha” moment that you would like to share with us? You know, one of those times in life that you are smacked in the you-know-what and the proverbial light bulb goes off?

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: lynnrxgal – I have a lot of those. The most recent was the first time I saw an open heart surgery. It opened up a lot of philosophical questions for me.

12:55 [Comment From Amanda] Good Luck on Three Rivers. I hope it lasts for several seasons!!!!

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Amanda!

12:56 [Comment From Deni] Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: Deni – Alive I hope. LOL
12:57 Alex O’Loughlin: Deni…. and perhaps living in the Italian country side.

12:59 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks everybody for coming online to chat with me today.
I’m so sorry that the time has run out but I have to go back to work. You guys are awesome and I’ve had loads of fun.
All my love,
Alex xox

 My Thoughts:

  • Once again I think it was a wonderful opportunity for fans from all over the world to interact with Alex.
  • It is still sad to me that Three Rivers did not get a proper chance to succeed….. 😦
  • Alex answered a few people, but I can’t find their questions. 😕
  • I edited the conversation to reflect only the questions and comments directly above the answers and responses they got from Alex. There were a few questions that he did not answer, mostly because he ran out of time – I did not include them here.
  • I did not include all the comments of everybody sending greeting from everywhere, or any of those that did not get an answer from Alex.
  • I also edited some spelling mistakes and typos, to make it easier for the fans who use translation to read and follow the post better.
  • We have studied picture of many events after this chat, but we can’t find any of Alex wearing the pinky ring anymore. The last public events we could find him wearing it, was the Whiteout Premiere, on 9 September 2009 and then at the Emmy gift Lounge on 19 September 2009)

Whiteout (Sept 2009)


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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin doing a Live Chat for CBS and Three Rivers – 1 October 2009

  1. Love this! thank you for this post. Never saw all the questions and answers in one post. Awesome!
    Laughed out loud at some of his answers, especially the one where he said he got up at 5 am as well. He really does have a dry sense of humor 🙂


  2. vanduyn

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve read bits and pieces so it’s nice to have it here like this. I LOVE that pinkie ring!! But of course now he has another ring of significance to wear 😉 Awesome post!! 😀


    • Thanks 🙂
      It has been so long since he wore the pinkie ring – I wonder if he lost it 😦
      And I am glad that he is showing off his new ring so much.


  3. I got a laugh at the singing question, his answer “I hope not” sounded a bit panicky LOL


  4. Sylvie

    Thanks FOYeur for this post, great to read this chat. Whatever are his reponses he never disappoints us.


  5. dumesnil

    Commentaire de Cynthia.Aloha,Alex,j’aime tous les roles que tu interprétes,tu es un acteur merveilleux et trés professionnel.J’adore Hawaii Five-o,tu es formidable dans ce role de commandant,tu géres parfaitement ton équipe.J’ai vu Moonlight,trés beau film,three rivers,trés intéressant et je suis donneuse d’organes car c’est notre devoir d’aider les autres.Le role de docteur te va à ravir.Je t’admire énormément et tu es pour moi le meilleur acteur que j’ai pu voir.Je te considére le meilleur acteur du monde et un homme trés athlétique.Je te félicite pour ta bravoure,le sens de l’honneur et le respect pour les autres personnes.J’embrasse.Bisous


    • Hi Dumesnil, thank you for your comment.
      Just to make sure that you know that this is just a fan site for Alex and I doubt that he will ever read anything on here himself. We are just two fangirls adoring and enjoying Alex and his work.
      Everything you are saying about him is very true. He is a very special person and great actor. And of course he is gorgeous as well! 🙂


  6. Forgot about this: “12:39 [Comment From donna] do you think Moonlight would have done better on HBO or Showtime, maybe survived?

    12:40 Alex O’Loughlin: Donna – I am currently sitting in the CBS offices at gunpoint so I can not answer that question and feel confident about my safety. hahaha”

    What a funny guy 😀


  7. I remember this interview. I love that he interacted with the fans and they actually asked some intelligent questions and not just ‘ Alex marry me and father my babies” LOL All these interviews do is reinforce just what a great person he is inside and out 🙂 Thanks ladies! ♥


  8. gracenotpark

    God he’s adorable! And who knew he had a family crest? 🙂

    Big big thanks, once again, to you two and your extraordinary dedication getting this fun stuff to us! Xoxoxo!


  9. This was an awesome chat with Alex. Always honest and funny. And finally i read his comment about the pinkie ring that Paula answered me some months ago.
    I’m hoping that in September 26th we will have a tweet session with him, during the premiere because last year it was great. It would be fantastic Alex interact with the fans again.


  10. Thank you! I never read any of this before! He is really kind and wonderful to his fans and deserves our respect!


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