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S4 McSmurfing

As you can see, McSmurf wasn´t quite ripe when season started. Looked a bit green there, but then the blue magic happened and we got our lovely blue-nom-nom Steve. I think I´m in a mood for a blue bedroom 😉



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#AlexOLoughlin’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 4

Moonlight Episode 4

– Fever –

Written by: Jill Blotevogel

Directed by: Fred Toye

(19 Oct 2007)

Protecting a witness for Beth’s prosecutor boyfriend ultimately leads to Beth and the witness being trapped in an abandoned motel, where prolonged exposure to sunlight is killing Mick. Beth is called and upon arriving realises that she has to let Mick feed on her if he’s to survive.


“There was a lot of location stuff in that episode,” O’Loughlin points out. “We all went out to the desert and shot out there for a few days. No new show has enough money, let alone an hour drama that has special effects, special make-up, is stunt heavy, shoots at night and is based in genre. This show was really shooting against all odds. To make it good can be difficult. In this episode, there are a couple of things that I wish we could have changed, but nothing in performance or storyline, just in effects and things like that. I really like the storyline and the acting. I thought the guest stars were fantastic, and overall I felt like I was watching a feature film. It was also an important episode for Josh and Mick. They were starting to get to know each other a bit more, and it was important to build that trust between them – despite the fact that feelings were developing between Mick and Beth.

“What happens at the end of that episode,” he adds, “was pretty radical. When I read it for the first time, I was, like, ‘Oh, yeah!’ That was something to write home about, and I love the way it was shot. And the fact that Beth lets him feed on her – she reaches this amazing place of comprehension. She understands his needs so clearly, and it’s evident that there’s a connection between these two.”

The Faces of Mick:



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