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Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 11

Moonlight Episode 11

– Love Lasts Forever –

Written by: Josh Pate

Directed by: Paul Holahan

(11 Jan 2008)

Josh asks Mick to protect Beth as he wages legal war against a powerful gang, which goes disastrously wrong as Josh is shot, dying in Beth’s arms and Mick refuses to save him by turning him into a vampire, fully aware that there are some things worse than death.


“This is a tough episode,” states the actor. “Wherever it comes from, he has affection for Joss. Mick sees death all the time. In fact, Mick participates in death often, but this death, when it’s as wrong as this is, does something to him. I mean, it’s the whole build up to everything that’s going on, when he’s had his hands in the stomach of this guy, trying to keep him alive.

The aroma of blood, the need to feed breathing down on him, this wrongful death and loss of innocence. At the end of the episode, he weeps for the loss of innocence in this room, and essentially what he’s crying for is the loss of his own innocence, because he truly is a victim of circumstance. He doesn’t have a victim mentality, but he is a victim. I think it’s a metaphorical episode and the fact that we lost one of our leads was hard-hitting.”

The Faces of Mick:




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Fresh goofy Alex!

I think our new bff will be Enson Inoue (brother of Egan Inoue). I think he has posted the funniest Alex from the set of H50 🙂


Even Dusty got a turn to goof around 🙂

I just loved this!

For some reason doubt wp is playing this sound file so using soundcloud link just incase.



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