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S4 Tongue tickling continues…

Time flies by so fast, been 3 weeks already since I posted part 1 of s4 tongue recap. Now continuing with some more of the pink beast teasing us 😀

The pink show goes on with Steve presenting 🙂



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Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 14

Moonlight Episode 14

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Written by: Erin Maher & Kathryn Reindl

Directed by: Scott Lautanen

(2 May 2008)

When a member of the paparazzi takes photos that could expose the truth about Mick, Beth does the unthinkable: she goes to Josef to get him to take care of the “situation,” creating a pact between them and that Mick knows nothing about. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth decide to start pursuing a romantic relationship.


“What I like about the episode is the fact that it showed the risk that Mick faces on a daily basis in terms of possible exposure, O’Loughlin says. “Between this paparazzi guy and the fact that D.A. Talbot has a file on Mick, you start to explore what could happen if this part of the lives of these creatures were exposed public. And with Beth going to Josef – wow! Knowing what her request will mean for this photographer shows a bit of ruthlessness on her part, but also the depth of her feelings for Mick.”

The Faces of Mick:



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