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Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 3

Moonlight Episode 3

– Dr Feelgood –

Written by: Scott Lautanen

Directed by: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman

(12 Oct 2007)

Mick and Beth have to stop a recently turned vampire who was never “trained” by the vamp that sired him. At the same time, Beth is trying to cope with her knowledge of Mick’s vampirism, while he details how he was turned by his wife, Coraline.



O’Loughlin says, “I really like the idea of the rogue vampire. There’s a sort of sadness to it as well. The thing I love about this genre is that the metaphors are endless. It’s analogous to so many things. You look at what these vampires are struggling with and it’s exactly the same as the things we come across in our day to day lives. They’re animals trying to stay alive in this modern world. And there’s that ending where the other vampire says, ‘I understand; I see my place,’ and Mick says, ‘It’s too late’ and he has to kill him. It’s just very sad. I also felt like this episode was a little removed from the rest; it has a real standalone quality to it that separates it from the rest of the pack.”

The Faces of Mick:




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Farewell McRoll

Season 4 brought Steve´s love life to a stop. At least so it seems with Cath riding off to the distance and with the news that Michelle won´t be returning for season 5. Looking back at McRoll moments in last season, how the passion simply faded away…

Last moment they saw each other…


Last words…



The End


Who will Steve hump now…

Well, this just came in. Quite shocking for some fans. Looks like Steve gets a new girlfriend…already?

With Catherine out of the picture, I hear that McGarrett is getting a new love interest. He’ll meet her because of a connection she had with his dearly departed dad. (No, not like that!) Apparently McGarrett Sr. investigated the death of a family member for her long after the case went cold. “After he died, this woman, on the anniversary of his death, always shows up at his grave to basically thank him for everything he had done,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. Cue the graveside meet-cute!

(TV Guide July, 1st)

I am hoping the new actress will have a good fit with the rest of the cast. I wonder if she will be introduced early on in s 5, since this info was given to us already….oh dear…

Ps. There goes Cath´s flower, ready to move on… 😉

In case some don´t remember which scene was shot in the above bts fan footage (credit SeizetheMoment99)


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