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#H50 Season 5 Blessing


Thanks to Daniel Dae Kim for uploading this on IG

Tannya: Alex, I hate to interrupt but we are live, can we talk to our fans here

Alex: Hey guys!

I didn´t hate to interrupt, actually

You caught me with M? in my mouth and we are live…that´s fantastic

Talk about the beard, cause we have a fun conversation off camera

Well, I don´t know why, it´s such a big…it´s my manliness, it´s my vacation face, so you know…

I´ve had lots of different…it´s funny you grow a beard like this and people just run up and offer their opinion: “Hey yah!”

Can you imagine I walked up to you and went “your pants are terrible, your face is…something wrong with your face.

Yeah it´s like they own my face. But I´ve got to shave it today anyway

Yeah, I think CBS might have it, to get back into character

You were there when one of the wardrobe girls asked for use of it as a merkin. this! Which is still…which I still don´t know what a merkin is (sidenote: cheeky Alex!)

Credit Mike Gordon

Credit Mike Gordon

You will see this for sale on Ebay soon, or something like that. A lot of shows don´t make it to season five. You were getting close to mama drama, get close to her…Catherine, you had a good thing. All your women are abandoning you. You have some issues.

You wonder why I grew a beard like this, cause I didn´t know what else to do. Yeah, I don´t know what they´ve got planned for this season…I know that there is um… It´s exciting to be here. I can´t talk about stories, because I don´t know any. I honestly…I swear to god. I´m very excited to be here, very excited to be going to season 5. It´s really hard to get a hit TV… hard to get a show on the air…it´s even harder to make it a hit. And I don´t know what the rest of the year… we are just going to do what we did every year, to work really hard together… and you know… I´m nervous, we are doing 25 episodes this year, that´s a lot of TV. We haven´t done that many before, we´ve done 22 or 24. And the years we did 24, we were all like (face of exhaustion). We are going to do 25 this year so…


Yeah, incredible…

Link to the video here, a big thank you to Silvia from AOL Journal for uploading this for us to enjoy again 😀 Mahalo!

And then the Network interrupts and shush Alex and Tannya away, even though he was willing to continue!

Tannya got perhaps the first pic of our shaven hunk, woohoo! What a cutie! Much nicer this way.


Thank you Tannya from HNN for the interview and this great pic 🙂

  • Ps. Since FOYeur was unable to do this transcript I had to wing it, I obviously didn´t do it as accurately as she would have. Just the main points Alex said 🙂
  • Pps Alex liked to fondle his beard, but look how happy he looks after it went away. No tears in sight 😉

You can find the full transcript here:

Transcript: #AlexOLoughlin Live on HNN, Season 5 Blessing Ceremony – 8 July 2014


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Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 9

Moonlight episode 9

– Fleur De Lis-

Written by: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

(23 Nov 2007)

Mick ends up working with Morgan, the photographer who looks like Coraline, on a case, and as the two are drawn closer together he discovers that she is indeed his former love, somehow rendered human – a point made when, Beth, having discovered the truth on her own, shows up at Mick’s place and stakes her – unaware that the woman is no longer a vampire.
O’Loughlin admits that when he initially read the script he was a little skeptical over the fact that Mick apparently was accepting the fact that Morgan wasn’t Coraline.


“I tried to find as many moments in the script where we can see he still believes she’s Coraline; that something wasn’t right,” he says. “I liked that tension that was all the way through the story. I like that it’s hardcore.
“And Beth staking Coraline! Incredible. There’s also a moment when Mick is looking at Coraline, and you can tell he’s feeling big love. He hates to admit it, but he wants her back so bad and, ding-dong, Beth is at the door and, oh my God, what a shit fight! She sticks that chair leg straight into that kid’s chest. It’s a pretty radical ending. The last 10 minutes of this episode are incredible, and where we leave it – Coraline in Mick’s arms and him screaming to Beth, ‘You idiot, she’s not a vampire!”

The Faces of Mick




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