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NEW old interviews #2 – Alex in the UK!

 Alex in London for The Back-Up Plan premiere at Leicester Square:

– 28 April 2010 –

The goatee look is not everyone´s favorite but luckily it didn´t last long 😉

tbup-pr-2(I would like the goatee to make a comeback. He looks GORGEOUS – FOYeur)


Interviewer: Welcome to Leicester Square.

Alex: Thank you, thank you.

Interviewer: So if I could just start by – JLo is absolutely beautiful.

Alex: Yeah.

Interview: Your mates must be out of their minds?

Alex: It was an outrage among my friends. They were very upset. I got lots of text messages and e-mails, saying: “How did you score this?”

It’s been great. It’s been amazing.

Interviewer: Did you take any of them down to the set? Did you try to sneak any of them in?


Alex: No, I would not let any of them come. I was like, “This is mine”. … No, no, I brought a lot. A bunch of my mates actually came down.

Jennifer is very friendly and incredibly accessible.

Interviewer: Did she give you any pointers while you were working with her? Any guidance?

Alex: [Laughs] We try not to as actors, teach each other how to act. But she is better compared to me.

But just watching Jennifer in this genre, as a comedian, she is very very good.

Interviewer: You both have got amazing chemistry, you have a great time.

Alex: Yeah, we get on well. We get on well and I think that is the key element to the film. And that is so important in a romantic comedy or in a romance, that you understand each other and that you get on.

And I feel like we captured that.

Interviewer: Brilliant. Well, have a great night.

Alex: Thanks so much.

 Link to video:


Alex at LAX, on his way to the UK for The Back-Up Plan Premiere in London



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NEW old interviews. We got some 4 U!

We stumbled upon old interviews on youtube, that have recently been published there. Shame about the logo spoiling a bit of Alex´s beauty. But we don´t care, we wanted to share them, as it looks like the majority of the fandom might have missed these gems.


First interview is from the Whiteout premiere on 9 September 2009:

(Oh how I do love those strands of hair so nicely curling on to his face, obviously all natural and no professional grooming needed for those 😉 )



Interviewer: The temperature?

Alex: Below 10? Yeah we were below 45. I think it got to minus 50 one day. It was very very cold.
The first scene I did was naked, running across the ice with a group of other guys. And I had to wear boots, cause otherwise your skin sticks to the ice. It’s really harsh. And I had a furry hat too. That was special.



Have to look after the family jewels.

Interviewer: What a first day at work?

Alex: What a way to meet a crew. {laughs}



Interviewer: How did you get through every day?

Alex: Well you just rug up at the other end. It was like every day on set, when we were actually there in northern Manitoba. It brought a level of reality to the filming and to the process of filming and to the story, that would not have been there otherwise.

{Talks to Jamie on the side}

It is so helpful as an actor to have the given circumstances around you because you do not have to create them and imagine them. That is our job and it’s fine, but when you’ve got them, there’s no acting required.


Interview: What attracted you to the story?

Alex: Well Joel and Kate, were the two key things. Joel offered me the role. I grew up with Joel’s movies like we all did and he’s a legend you know, And Kate Bekinsale is a terrific actress. It just seemed like the perfect opportunity. It has been offered to me for a reason. I look at it and this role is not that far away from a lot of people I know, Ozzie, smartass, pilot. But what I realised when I read it, is that he, my character Russell Haden, has a certain set of behaviours that keep everybody at arm’s length, so they don’t realise what his MO actually is and what he wants, what his agenda is.






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