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#AlexOLoughlin with Craig Ferguson – Moonlight promotion: September 2007

Alex on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

– 17 September 2007-

Craig: My next guest, a very very talented actor, who stars in the new CBS Series – Moonlight. Take a look at this …..

[Promo clip from the pilot episode – ‘There’s no such thing as Vampire’]

Craig: Please welcome Alex O’Loughlin everybody, Alex O’Loughlin…..

[Alex enters]


Craig: Welcome Alex, welcome. That looks sensational. You’re a vampire.


Alex: I am, not now..

Craig: No, you’re not really a vampire.

Alex: Not really.

Craig: Have you ever met Bob Barker by the way?

Alex: No

Craig: Bob Barker, who just recently retired from the ‘Price is Right’, being replaced by Drew Carey, also [shows fangs], vampire.

Drew Carey -vampire

Alex: I believe he has a spot coming up.

Craig: Bob Barker, I’ve never seen him in daylight, ever.

Alex: Vampire Bats

Craig: He’s vampire crazy.


Alex: Vampire Bats, it’s a movie?

Craig: Vampire Bats, I was in the movie called ‘Vampire Bats’. It sucked, it was terrible.

Alex: I haven’t seen it.

Craig: It was an awful thing, because I thought we were going to make a movie about vampires. And I said, “I’d love to be in that movie about vampires.” And get all the way to the movie set and he said it’s vampire bats, not actually guys in cloaks or busty maidens going “Oh Count Dracula” – none of that …. just bats.

Alex: But did you? You played a fisherman?

Craig: I did.

Craig: You play a vampire?

Alex: We have fishermen, but I play a vampire.

Craig: Are fishermen heavily involved in this?

Alex: Not heavily Craig, but we try to factor them in. When we found out you played a fisherman in Vampire Bats, we thought for Craig

Craig: You don’t want me as part of your vampire movie. I don’t do well in vampire setups, I am too chubby. I’m too chubby to be a vampire. I’m too healthy.

You’re a vampire. Do you solve crimes?

Alex: I solve crimes.

Craig: You’re a crime-solving vampire?

Alex: I’m a crime-solving vampire.

Craig: Does that happen a lot?

Alex: Most episodes, yeah.

Craig: Are you like from the LAPD vampire squad or what?

Alex: He’s a private investigator,  so he’s sort of rogue, a rogue vampire.

Craig: What kind of crimes does he solve?

Alex: Predatorial crimes, nasty ones.

Craig: Well, he’s a vampire.

Alex: He’s a vampire, so.

Craig: No one is going to say I can’t find my watch, so let’s get the vampire guy.


Craig: They had a vampire but he was very hairy. I think he was a Hawaiian werewolf detective. He would solve crimes in Hawaii and you could kill him with a silver bullet


Alex: He’d shave the rest of his face, except for the mustache.

Craig: Have you ever met Tom Selleck?

Alex: No, but he is impressive.

Craig: He’s a hairy man, oh man.

Alex: And the hands.

Craig: Every part of him is hairy. I think in his house somewhere, there’s a tyre swing.

Alex: I saw him at the Emmy’s. He was at the Emmy’s.

Craig: He’s a very, very nice man

Alex: He’s a goatee now.

Craig: He is. Very nice man. Very talented actor of course. Everybody in show business loves each other. Actually, I like Tom Selleck, I don’t even know why I am saying this?

Now, do you do all your filming at night? I suppose you have to?

Alex: Most of it. I’m going back to work after this.

Craig: Of course, it’s nighttime, nighttime out there in LA

I’m trying to get a picture of this show in my head. Now, who is your boss? If you don’t have a boss, how do people approach you then?

Alex: They won’t answer these questions for me. I’ve asked them, “Who’s my boss?” How do people …… they just appear.


Craig: And is it traditional? Like garlic frightens you, oh I don’t like garlic?

Alex: Garlic is fine. We have a whole mythology that’s a little different to vampires as we know them.

Craig: So what’s the new mythology?

Alex: It would take us about 25 minutes ….. but I can.

Craig: Go ahead

Alex: Okay, well garlic …

Craig: Sorry, we’re out of time.


Craig: But listen, I am fascinated by this crime-solving vampire. I think this could be huge.

Alex: I hope so. Cause, my magnum head is on the billboard.


Craig: Yeah, that’s right. Where are you from?

Alex: Sydney.

Craig: Sydney Australia?

Alex: Yeah, Sydney Australia.

Craig: Lots of vampires there?

Alex: Lots of them.

Craig: Yeah.


Alex: As a matter of fact I’m not sure about the vampires, but we have bats in Sydney, we have fruit bats. And every night as the sun goes down they sort of move across the city. It’s quite eerie

Bats in Sydney

Craig: Where do they go?

Alex: I don’t know. I don’t know where they start from either, but they start from somewhere and they go somewhere……

Craig: You need a vampire detective for that.


Craig: We’re out of time – Alex O’Loughlin everybody………



Some thoughts by FOYeur:

  • What I find most interesting about this interview, is the mention of the Hawaiian detective years before Alex got the role of Steve McGarrett. If only he knew, that that was where he was heading to, to find a home and a family. 🙂
  • And that he would also get to work with Larry Manetti, who also was a regular on Magnum PI.
  • I just love Alex’s adorable smile and laughter during the interview.

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