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#AlexOLoughlin Loves to Tinker


I like to tinker. I have lots of guitars and I’m always making a racket.

It’s been a hobby my whole life – and I don’t profess to be good at it, but I enjoy it very much.

– Alex O’Loughlin,

TV Week,


Alex O'Loughlin playing the guitar

Before our talk, I saw the actor (Alex) standing in “Video Village,” where the crew members viewed a scene being filmed, while O’Loughlin took turns switching off with Chiklis (who was also directing the episode) playing a bass guitar a crew member had loaned them.

IGN Interview on the set of Shield

– June 2006

 Alex O'Loughlin playing the guitar3

August Rush was a wonderful experience for me.

I read the script all the way through while I was shooting The Invisible and I loved it and I read it again. I knew I had to be part of that film. I put down 2 tests at a studio in Vancouver.

I played guitar and sang a couple of songs and did a few dialogue scenes.

Alex O’Loughlin

Hollywood The Write Way

Oct 2008


Alex O'Loughlin playing the guitar2

It’s a hobby for me, but I’m never alone if there’s a guitar there.

– Alex O’Loughlin,


8 October 2009



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