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Hawaii Five-0 moving to the mainland!

It  looks like the cat is out of the bag! According to the Network, different factors have forced them to make the difficult decision to move filming to the mainland. After 4 years of filming in Hawaii, it will move to LA for the new season.

Our summary and thoughts about the news:

  • One of the biggest factors that came into consideration is the high cost of living in Hawaii. – We know even Alex once said that the taxes on Oahu are pretty steep and that the cost of living there is high.
  • Also the high costs of catering to the needs of guest stars while they are in Hawaii. With filming in LA,  most can work from home –  Maybe this will increase the number and quality of these guest actors.
  • Availability of the actors of reoccurring characters and with that, giving them a more prominent presence in the show. – We think this will create better continuation in story lines, as characters like Doris, Mary, San Ming, Adam, Aunt Deb and we hope mom Williams, can make more frequent and short appearances. Maybe Rachael and Stan can come into the picture again as well?
  • The best directors can be booked more easily without all the time limitations that flying out to Hawaii caused. Most of them, just can’t afford the time to scout for locations as well as the 8 days it takes to shoot an episode.  – Maybe more female directors can be used then as well!
  • The best of everything is on hand in LA – make-up experts, hairdressers, wardrobe consultants and special effects technicians. – Maybe the problem with covering Steve’s tattoos can be overcome and we can see more of him shirtless. (Yey – NO more orange “paint” covering the tattoos 🙂 )
  • Sudden changes in weather and delays with rain, causes frustration among cast and crew. Some equipment also being written off, because of damages during the rainy days. It is estimated that cost of production and working overtime, will be cut by a 3rd, moving the shooting to LA. – Maybe that will also help to shorten workdays for the cast and crew, as well as creating more time to spend with their families.


  • To feed the cast and crew has become one of the biggest expenses. Transporting special and fresh food for different dietary needs from the mainland, takes its toll on the budget.

Cast having lunch Feb 2014

  • Other items for consideration has been that the main cast members on the show, struggle to take part in their charities and other projects – being on the mainland will free them up to be more involved. – Sure all the fangirls will enjoy this news a lot!

Alex signing nail polish bottles

  • The cast will be able to expand their horizons by finding other roles more easily – Looks like Daniel is already exploring the options and maybe signing up for something new in the near future.


  • Cast will also be more readily available for H50 promotion, doing interviews and photo shoots for the media. – We can’t wait for this to happen. They really have been lacking in the promotion department!

International Press Day 2 Nov 2013

The article assures that general footage for scene fillers, will still be shot in Hawaii. This will keep the feeling of the location as part of the show. – So no need for us to worry about losing out on the vacation feeling every week.

And for the fans:

The first question some of the fans will immediately ask is, “What about SOTB?” –  From what we could see in the report, there are some plans to make it happen. But with the move, most probably on one of the beaches in LA and no longer in Hawaii. – We wonder if LA will actually attract a bigger crowd. Will they be able to control the crowds?

We wonder what the feeling amongst the cast and crew has been, when they were told about the move?!


One thing is for sure, we as fangirls can rest assured that Alex will still stay in good shape, as it looks like he already found his new Jujitsu trainer. – We just hope he will also post pictures of Alex for us to drool over. 🙂


Maybe now Alex will be able to move away from the shadow of Jack Lord and make his mark in Hollywood with capital letters!!

Statue of Jack Lord - Credit: Kris Chun Tacub

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