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Kitties giving Al some stiff competition!

Already my 2nd compilation of my favorite 2 subjects. You have no idea how hard work it is to watch kitty videos and pick the best bits for you. I sweated blood and tears…oh the agony…Hah! Just kidding 🙂 This time made more gifs. Hope this will put a smile on your face. Have fun (crazy cat ladies especially)!

Epic face paint

(little furry thief stole Steve´s nose job, but I forgive him, cause kitty looks so beautiful)!


Travelling in style

(some stiff competition here for Al, but kitty rolls cooler and wins this round. *Wheeeee!*)

Couch potato buddies

(some actually manage to co-exist in peace and harmony 😉 )

Cuddling with horsies…awwww…

(what comes around, goes around…horsie paying petting forward)

Being the cutest thing waking up

(impossible choices – both are winners!)

Showing off that pink beast

(Mick, the master of the Pink Beast, trying to show how it is done….Kitty! Watch and learn!)

Playing with himself

(baby needs more practise, I´m sure he will be a lady-killer, like uncle-Steve, next year)

Hope you had fun, both are winners, right 😉

If you have suggestions for next contenders, let me know.

Just had to give you one more as a bonus treat. This kitty learned by watching Mick 😉



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