Cougar playing with young Jack

I blame you, gutterminds, for the title 😉 I was going for a totally different post but “unfortunately” hit pause at this scene and felt, I haven´t yet captured all of Alex´s wonderful acting. And as I uploaded the gifs, FOYeur noticed that I had yet another censored scene with Alex, and she has the uncut version with the even lovelier view! I will leave up both versions. And then I noticed there was yet another scene that has been cropped on our dvd. The attending the wounds on Jack´s leg! Seriously! Shouldn´t we have the right to chose which version we want to watch?

As some of you may remember, there was already the other post last winter, with Jack pulling up his pants, that apparently has been censored for the dvd, but lucky for us FOYeur has got the better 😉 version. I am so lucky to have her around 🙂

Ps pretty sure FOYeur got the pier scene uncut too. No wonder it´s her favorite p0rn 😛

Drop your pants (my dear)

of-cougar-8And I never noticed that Alex is actually grinning while pulling down his pants. Have a look at his cheeks (the other ones too). He is having the time of his life 😉


And now the uncut version! Can you believe we were robbed of this fabulous view!? Bastard censorship!



And this is the version the majority of us got on our dvd. BOOOOO! (well now that I know what it could have been)


Alex trying to hold his face straight 😉


And she approves of the package 😛


And another uncut bit from FOYeur´s version. With the happy trail!



Our dvd version that thought we couldn´t handle the twitch with the happy trail in view…bastards…


Well thank you Alex and Jack, it´s been a pleasure (once again) 😀

Ps. I hope you have rechargable batteries at hand, girls 😉



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24 responses to “Cougar playing with young Jack

  1. marnov2205

    WOW!! You made my day! *cough* I mean, my night 😛 . Thank you, Paula and FOYeur, this is beyond gorgeous!! *wipes brow* *off to find my batteries or my NotJack*


    • We are having so much “fun” with Jack. He is such a pleasure to work on…*sigh*
      and there are even more uncut views coming at some point. We are just discovering how many other scenes have had the evil crop used. I can´t believe it…


      • Ontlls

        They should have a release of the movie in “cropped version” and then a movie in release of “non-cropped” version! 🙂


  2. veniascott

    I am so going to have some good dreams tonight. got Five O on tnt and now these gifs of jack. I will have a glass of wine and some sweet dreams. By the way the pier seen is my secret porn to.


  3. veniascott

    what I would not give to swith places with her.


  4. Ontlls

    Um, it’s 2 in the afternoon, and I still have to go back to work 😳


  5. Oh you naughty girls!! 😛 How does one get the uncut version pray tell?! I love them all! Thanks girlies!!


  6. I feel so cheated that we didn’t get the happy trail with the flinch! I wouldn’t have thought a little hair would do so much to my lady parts! Yeah, I was wrong! RRAWRR!!
    I’m thinking that is a natural smile on her face. 😛 It was a HARD day at the office. 😯 😆 She looks like she wants to eat him…smart lady! How many takes do you think there were… just to wipe the drool from her chin? 😛 Only Alex/Jack can look this F*cking hot in ratty ripped up grey boxer briefs! GUH! I can’t stop licking my lips and I’m attempting to resist licking my computer screen. *slurp*
    Stupid American censorship! Can’t show the bulge in his pants, but it was okay that we saw Pearl’s coochie on the dock. Yeah it was from far away, but still. 👿


  7. Am I curious to see the full FOY? Yes. But, really I’d like to see everything surrounding it more. Like him in the shower with just a wash cloth to tease us. He would need a BIG wash cloth! A glimpse of where the top of the leg meets hip, those forbidden dark curls, a full view of the FWA, water cascading in ribbons down his tan toned body … *shudder*
    Too bad we could only see his silhouette when he was getting into the shower. 😦


  8. LindaSue

    FOYeur is very generous to be sharing this and Paula you are very talented with those gif’s. I just knew this was going to be a special post when I read the title. 🙂 Thanks.


  9. WOW!
    I am very happy that there are girls like you who are kind and share these visions of paradise!
    Today I will sleep better, or not … kkkk
    Lia Christo


  10. kikimcg

    Not sure I can take many more gifs like these. So hurry up Paula and post them please?!


  11. I don’t know how much I watched OF BUT I NEVER SAW THE TWITCH!!! The FOY LIVES!
    BTW did you say “uncut bit”? How dare you 😆


  12. Marta

    I have to say that i loved this “Jack’s study”. It was a pleasure to play the game “study/find” the differences between the versions of scenes. I need to know if there is another version of the pier scene or the shower scene where we can do this type of “study”? Thank you.


    • Unfortunately I think the shower and the pier scenes are the same on my DVD. Haven’t seen anything there that are not on Paula’s gifs.But I can promise you I will keep on studying the scenes over and over and over again to find any differences 😛


  13. Anwyn

    Totally agree with you all. It’s much more than one can ask for and needs to be studied under all circumstances very closely from every possible angle.
    One thing always bothered me a bit though: why does he do the thing that men do when they’ve finished peeing in gif No 3?


    • I always assumed he was trying to make the FOY more presentable. Or just adjust it? Rub it quickly to make slightly bigger? Teasing us?
      What ever the reason, I like his butt cheeks wiggleing 🙂


    • Adding to my previous comment. Maybe the FOY needed to be tamed down. Could be it was getting excited with the sudden freedom from jeans 😉


  14. Anwyn

    Yep, all of it pretty nice ideas. Just thought it was a funny move at that moment.


  15. HMMOG!!! This iis the HOTTEST thing I’ve seen since my Wedding Night Hips up Baby !!!! JACK IS STACKED and ready to be attacked. Pommienana is going for a long lie down now –with her husband!!!


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