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Happy Birthday FOYeur!

Once again our tiny little blue globe has travelled around the sun and stopped at your birthday. So I hope you get to stop too and enjoy the bubbly drinks and treats of your desire 🙂

Sometimes the hardest posts are those to closest friends, and you were no exception. I really wanted to bring the pretties to please your eyes. I wish you a day beyond your dreams and hope you have plenty to laugh or at least smile about 🙂 So stop counting the candles and start thinking about your wishes! I´m sending some of your favorite men to entertain you. Have fun and enjoy the ride 🙂

 “A birthday is knowing, you are special today and waiting to see what the hours bring your way, it´s enjoying with friends, the little things…”

stan-db-dl2 stan-db-dl1 mick-db-dl-3 mick-db-dl-2   andy-dl-db
andy-db-dl4 Happy birthday partner

May your dreams finally come true




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