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Cougar playing with young Jack

I blame you, gutterminds, for the title 😉 I was going for a totally different post but “unfortunately” hit pause at this scene and felt, I haven´t yet captured all of Alex´s wonderful acting. And as I uploaded the gifs, FOYeur noticed that I had yet another censored scene with Alex, and she has the uncut version with the even lovelier view! I will leave up both versions. And then I noticed there was yet another scene that has been cropped on our dvd. The attending the wounds on Jack´s leg! Seriously! Shouldn´t we have the right to chose which version we want to watch?

As some of you may remember, there was already the other post last winter, with Jack pulling up his pants, that apparently has been censored for the dvd, but lucky for us FOYeur has got the better 😉 version. I am so lucky to have her around 🙂

Ps pretty sure FOYeur got the pier scene uncut too. No wonder it´s her favorite p0rn 😛

Drop your pants (my dear)

of-cougar-8And I never noticed that Alex is actually grinning while pulling down his pants. Have a look at his cheeks (the other ones too). He is having the time of his life 😉


And now the uncut version! Can you believe we were robbed of this fabulous view!? Bastard censorship!



And this is the version the majority of us got on our dvd. BOOOOO! (well now that I know what it could have been)


Alex trying to hold his face straight 😉


And she approves of the package 😛


And another uncut bit from FOYeur´s version. With the happy trail!



Our dvd version that thought we couldn´t handle the twitch with the happy trail in view…bastards…


Well thank you Alex and Jack, it´s been a pleasure (once again) 😀

Ps. I hope you have rechargable batteries at hand, girls 😉



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