#AlexOLoughlin – You searched for him and you got us (Part 2)

We can still report that 95% of all our searches are about Alex’s tattoos – And we still hope that what you found here, did indeed satisfy some of the hunger you had for his tattoos……..

Once again we would like to provide you with some visuals to help those who used specific searches that got to us. You will find that to save some space we have combined some of them with one visual:

alex o’loughlin fansite

We think you might have found the right place…..

omg gif

Well, who ever searched for this, came to the right place. No doubt about it.

alex o loughlin nude

alex o’loughlin pubic

russell haden whiteout

alex o’loughlin sock on penis

Have to look after the family jewels.

undressing to show huge boobs gifs

I hope this qualifies for huge boobs.

pregnant lust

Apparently the same person who searched for the omg gif. Stop bothering us with silly searches!

Well we actually did use these words with one of the gifs in a story we published – “The ghost of girlfriend’s past”

super hairy chest

He likes to provide for a soft cushion for the ladies to rest their heads on. Just look at that peeking bush!

alex mcloughlin girlfriend

We don’t really know who Alex Mcloughlin is (However, Alex O’Loughlin seems to have a partner and Steve McGarrett doesn’t want to call Catherine his girlfriend – maybe this is the reason why?!)

They won´t survive for long. Their hearts simply explode…

hard kiss gif

passionate kiss gifs

Is it ever hard enough?

You can find our poll on the kisses here

kevin hiatt the shield chair scene

daddy doing bad things

alex oloughlin the chair scene

daily motion: alex o’loughlin nude

alex o’loughlintortured

alex o loughlin chair scene shield tumblr

(This is sooooo bad…how did it get in here?!)

Well with so many searching for it, we could hardly leave it out….. 😛

alex o’loughlin pant size

Almost perfect fit for our screen. Size looks about right.

meaty pecs

john o’loughlin shirtless

steve mcgarrett shirtless

We are not familiar with John O’Loughlin’s work, but hope Alex/Steve shirtless will do….

More meat… *thud*

stalking is such a strong word

Any stalker, looking this good, is welcome in my neighborhood 😉

not stalker i prefer the term

We prefer Intense Research ourselves too 😉

alex o’loughlin crotch

Will we ever be treated to such a crotch view, ever again….

Okay, you caught us. We did use this search term last time, but do you blame us for using it again? 😛

how to pronounce alexandre foyre

….. 😛

alex o’loughlin body

alex o’loughlin butt

alex oloughlin erection

We hope so.

We did send a request to his publicist to help us out with some frontal footage of this scene and the other day somebody pitched up at our doorstep with a RO…. go figure?! 😛

poems on alex o’loughlin sexy bum

You can find them here And once again thank you to everybody that participated

alex o’loughlin pottymouth

Yes please, all of us.

actor with dark eyelashes

They are amazing… *thud*

rugby movies scrum

We don’t have footage of it, but have a look at the movie “Invictus” – some of the best rugby scrum work you will ever see in a film.

We did show you the scrum from the footage of Three Rivers in Part 2 of the fangirl story here

scott o’loughlin scar

So did the O’Caan shippers get their wish? Did Alex and Scott get hitched? We don’t really know where the scar comes in though…. 🙂

i wanna have your babies

“Really? Let me think about that….”

I think we all do…….. 😆

goodbye sweety gif

And with this our searches part 2 is over. See you next time.

We hope you once again enjoyed an addition of our searches…..keep looking for him……you will find us here!!


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38 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – You searched for him and you got us (Part 2)

  1. Well .. Paula.. you out did your pix and research this time..OM-
    Great job.


  2. That’s it, I’m going to start typing the most random phrases I can think of into google, include the name ‘Alex O’Loughlin’, and see if I end up on your blog 😉


    • I doubt you need to add his name even 🙂
      There really are even more weird ones that I have no idea how they got to our blog, but not complaining. We will most likely do more of these searches posts. Our friend and blogger Westy5oh has done a couple really hilarious ones. We loved those! 😀


  3. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I may be responsible for the “crotch” search.
    Watching the Whiteout and The Shield gifs just never gets old for me…..I could watch them for hours……


  4. “daddy doing bad things”
    I did not do this search, but it gives me a few ideas…………


  5. heymomo

    Paula! Foyeur!
    These are some of my favourite posts. Thanks you both for induging me! 😀


  6. Simply brilliant!! Thanks so much!


  7. canadagirl66

    Thank you Paula and FOYeur for this great post…and thank you to all the pervs…er…I mean people… who do these random searches of Alex…especially the naughty ones!! I could look at that chair action and the feed scene all day..and all night!!!! *sigh*


  8. I must say!! I could watch that chair scene all night!!….What am I saying, I already am, its 12.30am and I’m still here….. *puddle*


  9. lurxgirl

    The chair scene is hypnotic!! Makes me want to do bad things. I could watch it all day, unfortunately I have to go to work:( Can’t wait to get off…work..yeah that’s what I meant 😀


  10. Thank you, thank you… Loved this. Especially the refresher on the chair scene. It’s been way too long since I’ve watched that, but now I’m thinking a big-screen re-viewing session is called for. And I might as well pull out the FEED DVD while I’m at it.


  11. FOYeur

    It was The Shield Season 6, Episodes 4 to 10


  12. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    I, um.. Oh my.. WOW!! Now that is way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!! Thank you. The Shield huh!! Might have to go find it! 😉
    Thank you both for all your hard work. Enjoying the catching up time 😉


  13. Dani

    OMG guys you are so pervert! lol i loved this place kkk
    the chair scene omg..


  14. tanja

    Um, it’s hot here and I’m not talking about the weather……damn…..


  15. tanja

    Oke, one more thing (although I have not recovered yet…..), can we savely say, from the 2nd gif, that ‘little Alex’ isn’t little at all! I mean as a woman I’m saying ouch, after having a sex marathon with this man, you would not be able to sit or walk straight for a week!


  16. tanja

    lurxgirl, that is so true! 🙂 yum!!


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