The POEM contest entries…

You wrote them, and we loved every one. To choose a winner amongst these, is not easy. Thank you for participating. The butt inspired you to some wonderful creativeness. We will announce our winner tomorrow. Entries below for everyone to enjoy:



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14 responses to “The POEM contest entries…

  1. melwel73

    Love!!! Nothing ‘butt’ love!!!
    Great entries all!


  2. Absolutely great job from all 🙂 Who knew one perky butt would inspire such talent 😉


  3. FOYeur

    Thank you Paula for all your hard work to make all these look so pretty. 🙂


  4. heymomo

    OMG these are so good! And hilarious!!
    Congrats to everyone, they’re all fantastic 🙂


  5. Annie!!!! “Into the MOIST DARK” ???? You PERV!!


  6. I’m slapping my desk “The guy’s a slut” !!!!!
    IF ONLY!!!! Then we could all get a piece!!


  7. Is it hot in here??? WHEW! LOL!! ❤


  8. Mary Jane

    Love the idea of a poetry competition about Alex’s butt, so funny. Great poems. Particularly liked Terry’s.


    • FOYeur

      Yes MJ, Terry’s got a wonderful way with words! She is a brilliant writer. What she wrote is just beautiful and made the choices in the end just that much more difficult.


  9. FOYeur

    I just want to add here, that a number of the girls that entered are not English speaking. And that makes their entries just so much more special!!
    It is so wonderful that everybody took the time and effort to enter. we really loved them all.


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  11. Melissa

    Hehe! i was going crazy at my office and then on vacation and i totally forgot about this! 😛 i’ve never thought you all girls have such talent to do this. im proud of all you!
    just letting you know that im still here, loving the site and all your coments and ideas 😛


  12. Melissa

    im never quiet 😀 guess i would have to submit my poem sooner or later. Im gonna start to work on one, sure it’s gonna be at nights *naugthy thoughts*… work all day! plus i will have the perfect excuse to watch all over again the 2nd season 😀 my DVD just arrived 😛


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