307, so many goodies!




Action man

Happy ending




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13 responses to “307, so many goodies!

  1. Tula

    Soooo loving this eppy! Not just because it was a great one, but also because it is MY eppy!! I met Alex they were filming the beginning of this one!! Right after Toast fails and Danno and Steve attack ! But…there are no gifs of those moments…*sighs*


  2. Tula

    OH my!!!!!!!!!Sorry for the double post! I just saw the van gifs, they are absolutely amazing!! And there I was hoping Alex would stay away from tough moments and have his stuntman earn his salary! Thanks , girls!


  3. I was amazed that Steve’s t-shirt and vest were the only sacrifices to road rash. If his pants had gotten shredded….well, I’d be dead right now.

    Also, niiiiice left hook through the window at the driver. BAMF Steve is making me overheat! Alex looks so fit!


    • On slow-mo it looked like Justin was wearing protective pants, but the shredded tee looked weirdly hot 😉
      I loved that Alex did the stunt, very handy with that handle on the roof 😉


  4. Liana

    Alex making “The Truck Trick”, I now a TV show where make it practically once a week, and I love it, and see Alex making it is so awesome and cool.


  5. It was a Fantastic Epi. One of the very best and it had so many marvelous moments but “Steve’s face in the very last frame TOTALLY undid me.Glad “Toast “survived he is hysterical !!!


  6. Loved everything about this ep. Paula, you’ve captured some of the best moments here. I’m definitely bookmarking this page! (Also Kono out BAMFing McG with her ninja fighting skills – that was epic Lots of emo moments too.)


  7. heymomo

    So much goodness in this ep! You’ve captured so much of it here Paula!!
    Nicely done 🙂


  8. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    That dimple on his chin, haven’t seen it in awhile, he is clean shaven 😯 didn’t notice that when I was watching it. But in all choices, I like the scruffy much better!


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