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Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos Continues – Let’s decorate “dat ass”

In the movie FEED we get the only real view of this beautiful behind. But that was made a long time ago. Now we know that there are a lot more ink either on or surrounding this bum and hips! 😀

FEED – 2004

In April 2011 we saw the first glimpses of what was added to the old tattoo.

Jogging in Hawaii – April 2011

Notice in some areas, the lines of the old tattoo are still visible.

From photo’s of the GQ magazine photo shoot we saw more of what the sides of the tattoo looks like.

Photo shoot GQ – October 2011

Here we can see the colours better and also what the sides looks like while he is lying down.

Photo shoot GQ – October 2011

And in May 2012 we got the wrap-around view while standing up.

May 2012

The latest addition to the glimpses we have available is from this BTS photo taken in August 2012.

August 2012

Some people believe this is a separate tattoo, but I believe it to be just an extension of the rest of the back/butt tattoo.

We want you to let your imagination run wild and fill it what you think we have not seen yet. You can use any artistic method you have available to either illustrate to us what you think it looks like or what you wish it would look like.

You can send your artwork to:  intense.study.aol@gmail.com

You are welcome to send in as many entries as you like. Please mark you entry with the name you would like us to use with your work, when we post it on our site, as well as whether it is what you think the tattoo looks like now or whether it is just what your fantasies would like it to look like.

Depending on the number of entries we receive, we would like to choose a winner in both the fantasy or actual suggestions categories. Entries will close on Monday 12 November 2012. And remember the sooner you send in your entry, the more time it has to grow on us!


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This is a is great. Westy you are a star!

the champ box

Paula – your gifs bring all of us so much joy – I’m sure the other FUCUPS and followers of Foyeur’s and your blog Intense Study will join me in thanking you for your amazing moving pictures 🙂

Happy Very, Very Belated Birthday!

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Signed by Alex O´Loughlin

Isn´t he nice. Always signing and smiling for us. What a sweet man 🙂


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