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Our friend Westy at her Camp box is doing recaps on all the episodes of H5-0 – open for comment by everyone. You will find some of the funniest “ladies” leaving their thoughts and comments there!

the champ box

October 31

An HPD officer is cruising in the sticks when he hears a call on the radio about a pedestrian disrupting traffic. The pedestrian appears intoxicated and is without pants. Women everywhere are secretly hoping that McG had a few too many Longboards and is wandering the streets.

Nope – not this time, ladies. That sound you hear?  That is the disappointed sighs of women throughout the universe.

The officer drives up to a two-car accident. A pick up truck and a red sedan, which has come to rest on its roof. There is blood dripping from the upside down steering wheel of the sedan, and some blonde hairs hanging off it, but no accident victims.  The officer radios for assistance, and now we’re in a basement.

Slutty Nurse is restrained. Weirdo is sharpening something. Who knows what’s going to happen next? (I do!) Nurse regains consciousness, wriggles…

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Gorgeous Mick introducing himself. Happy Birthday to Karin !

Hi, I am Mick St John.


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