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Let the good times roll…….

It is time to say good-bye to 2012!! We hope that the past five months shared with us here on ‘Intense Study‘, brought some joy and pleasure into your lives. From the start we ourselves always firstly wanted to have fun and enjoy Alex – and  we did! (A lot of searchers looking for a nude Alex, land with us :razz:) We must have done something right, if after 4 months our very first big stories are still one of the most popular posts on a weekly basis…..

To everybody that so regularly promote us on Facebook, Twitter and in your papers and blogs – A BIG THANK YOU!!

We appreciate each and every one of you who participate here, by perving and commenting on our posts – We love it and you make it all worth while!!

For those of you that haven’t noticed yet, we started a new Twitter account (@AboutAlexO), a few months back to keep you up to date with anything we do on here and to also let you know about posts on our Facebook page – We both still have our personal accounts and you are welcome to follow us on any of them but we recommend that you follow the blog account to keep you up to date. Paula also likes to play with Alex a lot (with his pictures of course 😉 ) and most of those land up in Tweets from time to time.

In the past month we have vastly increased the photo albums on our Facebook page and once in a while treat yourself to some of the pretty on there… is worth the effort – Paula’s Wallpapers are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

As you might have noticed, we introduced a ‘Top Story Today’ box, feel free to let us know of anything  you think we could feature on  there for the day. We do not always have the time to scout for all the big stories everywhere and we might miss a special post that we could have promoted.

To some of you that might be new on here, please remember that each and every post we have ever done since the beginning are linked to the category they belong to, on the “PAGES” that are displayed on top of the banner. We also added a new “Quotes” page, where we plan to add some more of Alex’s “famous” quotes ….. so keep checking in there for some new thoughts from the man himself. 😀

Another easy way to find an old favorite, if you can remember the date of the post, you can just click on the date on the calendar on your right hand side, for easy access of that date’s posts. We don’t want anybody to miss out on any of the pretty we have of Alex on here and we try to make it as easy as possible to find. (And feel free to still comment on those older posts) 🙂

Now for some last pretty and exciting images to wish this year a fond farewell – you’ll easily see what our favorite subjects are (Steve/Alex in cargo’s, Bromance of the decade and beautiful goofy Alex)……

May 2013 be filled with lots more Alex fun for everyone…and may we finally be treated to Steve in the shower (we´ll  even take those quick 3 minute navy ones).




2012 was a good start, even Alex seems to enjoy our blog 😉


2013 will be even better, right 😉

AND we sincerely hope that Alex himself enjoy this New Year just as much as we like stalking intensely studying him…..! 😛

Happy New Year!



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Alex and his aussie sound

From yesterday´s post had a comment about how wonderful it would be to hear Alex say G´day with his cute Aussie accent. I went to look for the video and decided to add a bit of dramatic music to his voice 😉 Can you remember where that tune was played?



I cropped the original video, since I found this bit the funniest 😀

If you still wish to see the original, try this link


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You are here

Alex about using different accents and using Aussie slang


You don´t want to sound like an idiot.


Slangism, is that a real word?


I like hearing “G´day”.

If you are interested in the original videos, there are 3 over here:

The quality is not very good and even audio is bad, at least I struggled to hear what our guy was saying at times.


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Cute and even cuter Steve







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To Spam or not to Spam…..

We have such wonderful friends and followers who comment on our blog on a regular basis and we appreciate each and every comment. It however breaks our heart to clear our Spam box from all the wonderful messages we receive there daily. We wanted to share some of them with you. We would like to believe them all as they sure sounds like genuine compliments and not like spam at all!! 😉

So thank you spammers, for bringing us some extra fun!

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This post was an equal collaboration by FOYeur and Paula 🙂


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