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More yummy Steve

I´m pretty sure I still missed some crucial scenes in this episode. I can´t seem to get past the first 10 minutes.

Was gonna mention the gorgeous shoulders. But… Is this what he looks like, when he “climbs” on top of you 😉

I think he works out…all the time. Flexing those pecs.

With this beauty in view, I still notice the fake background. I wonder if he is actually sitting in a rocking chair 😀

Yes Steve. We are feasting on your body, again. Don´t give that look to me, this is what fangirls do!



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butt butt

Damn that bloody fishing pole! Possible the best view of 303, ruined…

I love my McGarrett wet.
He can even bounce water.

Those cargos are perfectly filled with Steve.

Oh no you didn´t!


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