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Little buddy still afraid of water

If we can´t get the pantlessness, we will have to make due with the wet hugging cargos. But could we have the rear view next time too. Please?



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Le Strut and the Moves

Steve: I like long walks with my friends.

Squatting for round buns and massive thighs.

Weight lifting keeps my biceps in shape.

Don´t forget to participate in our BUTT poetry contest. Basically you just put words together, inspired by Steve´s buns. If you prefer to stay anonymous, we will keep your identity a secret. Just get on with the naughty or nice writingEmoticonfor more info how to enter, click the teddy.


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So many faces to love

Isn´t it usually Danny, that makes Steve pull these faces 😀

Then it was Cath´s turn, but she made Steve smile 🙂

And he is rewarding her big! So generous 😉



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