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Steve wants Danny as bait…

Danny: This is awesome. What else wrong do you think can happen? Maybe if we are lucky, we´ll have a trial at sea.

And they´ll make us walk the plank.

I should have used you for bait…



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Time to vote for bestest CHEST! It is a POLL.

Time to point your eyes to this manly masculine chest. He´s got pecs and abs to share. To lay your head lovingly for a rest, or run your fingers down for a quest. You choose, which hairy chest, makes you a mess!

1. Alex as Stan. A super grin with the body for sin.

2. Mick, the sweetest vampire there ever was.  Share his freezer, very cosy for two.

3. Marcus, the bad boy all the good girls love. Time to  pick a fight and make up.

4. Russell, Aussie with a problem getting dressed. He asks for a strip search. Sure…

5. Steve from so 1. Wet from our drool?

6. Steve, so 2. Who can forget those shorts, hardly hiding anything from the view…

7. Steve, the hunkiest cop in Honolulu. Share his fun in the “boat”, man-sushi for you…



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