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A stork delivered a Hawaiian baby boy

Welcome baby!

A tiny Hawaiian baby is born on October 25th, we wish the new expanding family, love and joy, brought by a baby boy.

We wish Alex and his growing family the best of luck and love. Happy birthday!

I´m right where I wanna be.

That is one cool dad!

Official press release of baby news


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Friday love

I do love cats, and would love to see Alex cuddle a few kittens every once in a while 🙂

Thank you to all our followers and thanks for the support for our blog. Also a small apology to the doggy lovers 😉

Also if you are following us on twitter, we have a new account: AboutAlexO, in case you hadn´t noticed yet. Now either one of us can use it, and also you will never know which one of us is replying, hahahaaaa 😉


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