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Alex O’Loughlin – Is he brave or just a “girl” like Danno?

Have you ever gone out to proof something that you feel rather sure of and ended up feeling that you are in fact wrong?!

Last week in Hawaii-Five-0 Episode 3:04, we saw the now famous injection scene where Steve gives himself a tetanus shot. First and biggest question, what did we see? Was it actually Alex injecting himself?

My first reaction was – Of course not, Alex has this very large tattoo right on the spot where he is injecting himself. Surely if it is him, then they must have appointed a new genius person doing the cover-ups for the tattoos, because this is too good to be true! And if they covered it up, why did they leave that prominent red scar there anyway?

Let’s start by breaking this scene down in two parts and see what we have:
1. We have a shot of Steve from the other side of the table where Danny is standing. We see Steve pulling his pants and shirt away and give himself the injection. He is not showing a lot of skin at all.

2. Then we see a close up shot of him injecting himself and his pants pulled down quite a lot further than in the previous shot. (Showing  some lovely veins and the right side of that beautiful V-line men have! *sigh*)

We want you to look closely at the first scene. Where is he injecting himself?

To us it looks like it is on the hip bone very much to the front and not on his bum. Reason for this is that it is actually very difficult to give yourself a shot on the bum and not look silly (I know because I have actually given it myself an injection like that).

Let’s move on to the close up shot where he is injecting himself on the bum this time. The thing we want you to notice is that red scar. (That scar was going to be our proof that it was NOT him! 😀 )

Our theory:
1. It is his body because that red scar is actually the mark where Alex gave himself the shot in the far off angle shot. The mark looks even worse than it might have been, because of the make-up they applied to that spot to cover the tattoo. It probably caused some irritation. Do you think that makes sense?

2. I had serious doubts that the hand that gives him the shot, is actually his own. The reason I say this is that the angle of the arm is very flat and for him to achieve this, he will have to bend backwards very far and his hip will look twisted. If you don’t believe me, take something in your hand and do the motion of injecting yourself. But I once again revised my theory and now believe he gave himself the shot after I studied his hand on the far away shot and the similarities to the close-up shot.

Big question now – what about that very large and very dark tattoo that he has on that very same spot?

Take a look at where that tattoo is supposed to be. Those little waves end right where that “scar” is and the rest of the tattoo runs down the hip in a straight line.

Added to clarify my comparison on the above photo.

Do we maybe see some orange markings there? We know the tattoo cover make-up normally looks orange don’t we? This is also shot indoors and not in the bright sunlight of the outdoors that makes his “tattoo make-up” look even worse.

And of course the triangle-shaped darker spot in the area where the needle enters, is definitely the shadow of his hand (That is about the only thing we are 100% sure of :smile:)

So here is your chance to vote and comment on your thoughts about it. Did we give you enough evidence to believe it is him or not?

Just a last thought – Those make-up people at H5-0 are surely the luckiest people on the Island!


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