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Moonlight Wins People’s Choice Award! – January 2008 (Transcript)

This is a video of Queen Latifah announcing Moonlight as the winner, Alex O’Loughlin’s acceptance speech (recorded in Australia) and his answers to fan questions.

ml 8 m 5

Queen Latifah: You’ve been voting all night at for your Favorite New TV Drama, and now we are about to find out the winner. Here are your nominees:

Gossip Girl

Private Practice


 Queen Latifah: And, The People’s Choice for Favorite New TV Drama is ….. Moonlight.

ml 8 m 4

Alex’s acceptance speech: I’m ….. I’m lost for words. We’ll I’m not. I’ve got some words and I’ll give them to you now.

But I’m so incredibly happy. I feel so privileged to be a part of this show in the first place. And …. having to stop at 12 episodes, you know, because of the writers strike and stuff, has been really frustrating.

But to even be considered for this award was … was … was thrilling to me. Because it’s not about a panel of judges, it’s about my fans. It’s about all you people who watch the show.

ml 8 m 1

It’s about the people. The people voting. To know …. I found out today, we’ve had over 10 million votes, which is incomprehensible to me. And I’m just really, really thrilled.

I’m so, so happy to accept this award.

I’d love to say congratulations to Private Practice and Gossip Girl, the other 2 finalists with Moonlight. And thank you so much to all you people who voted for us.

And … and, let’s all pray for another season. And …  Thank you! Thank you!

ml 8 m 2

Question: What do you think will happen between Mick and Beth?

Alex: What do I think will happen between Mick and Beth? Well, quite a lot has happened already and … um … there’s a lot of water under that bridge.

There’s a lot of tension there as well, that has built up for the last 12 episodes. The relationship can only go so far for the show to continue to be a show, but something has to give in the next few episodes after 12.

But I’m not going to tell you what I think is going to happen.

ml 8 m 7

Question: What makes Vampires so sexy?

Alex: What makes Vampires so sexy? I don’t know, you’re asking a Vampire, I can’t tell you that. You have to tell me that.

ml 8 m 6

Link to video

My Thoughts

  • Interesting (and very sad) to know that both Private Practice(112 episodes) and Gossip Girl(121 episodes), who lost to Moonlight (16 episodes) in this poll, went on to do 6 seasons. It makes me feel that we as viewers (as well as Alex and the rest of the cast) were robbed of something special ……
  • But at least we got these few episodes to drool over and I hope that you once again enjoy all the beautiful captures of Mick, which Paula made for us.



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#AlexOLoughlin – MTv Hump Day Hottie of the Week – April 2010


Alex O’Loughlin’s ‘Back-Up Plan’?

To Become Our Hump Day Hottie!

by Jocelyn Vera

21 April 2010

We really do like guys who have taken a turn for the dark and played a vampire at least one time in their career. And, we like Alex O’Loughlin even more because he’s the kind of guy that has a — wait for it — back-up plan. Being that he’s the latest hottie to share the silver screen with Jennifer Lopez in“The Back-Up Plan” , Alex has managed to earn a spot in our hearts as this week’s Hump Day Hottie.

Voice:  You’re being named our ‘Hump Day Hottie‘.

Alex: Hump Day Hottie? Ok!,

Voice: Do with that what you will. But we want to know how that makes you feel?

Alex: Well… makes me feel interested. It makes me feel curious. It makes me feel slightly tantalized. Huh, Yeah, and a little confused.

Voice: It means that we named Wednesday, Hump Day

Alex: Ok.

Voice: As the Hottie of the Week.

Alex: Okay, good. I’m a little less concerned and a little less tantalized now that I know it’s hump day because it’s Wednesday.  But I’m glad I can be ‘Hottie of the Week’. That’s … that’s good.

607 shirtless dl n

My Thoughts

  • Of course he is our Hottie of the Week, every week and that is not just on Hump Day (Wednesday), but on every day of the week! 😛
  • I just love Alex’s answers to uncomfortable questions like these. The life of actor is never easy. 😛


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Alex O’Loughlin – Latest news – #HottieOfTheWeek

It has been two and a half months since hiatus started for the cast of  Hawaii Five-0, when filming of Season 4 ended in March – still a month and a half to go before we will once again get any news from the set in Hawaii, when filming of Season 5 starts. Although the wedding has been big news and we have had some pics from Tokyo, Oz and Hawaii, it has been really quiet on the news front about Alex. 😦


Some fans decided to make our own fun and news……. 😆 Last week a few of Alex’s fans started tweeting on the ‘Hottie of the Week tag for E!News. By Wednesday Paula and I thought we should join the battle. We soon realised it was a battle between Alex’s fans and the Glee fans for Chris Golfer (Apparently Glee fans have been voting the cast in for the past 6 weeks) The other big contenders were Lady Gaga and Lauren Jauregui with some other minor following for other celebs as well. …… BUT last night this came through!

Hottie of the week 6

 And it was announced on E! News as they do every Friday evening.

Link to the annoucement


Just to get everybody up to speed on what it is all about……

‘Hottie of the Week is a twitter competition that E! News runs every week to give the fans  a chance to “vote” for their favorite star to be ‘Hottie of the Week’. This in fact means that it has nothing to do with the celebrities themselves, but just the fans willingness to annoy all their twitter followers with constant tweets to @ENews with the actor’s name and the #HottieOfTheWeek tag. 🙂

So all that this achieves is to get the celebrity mentioned on E! News on Friday night as Hottie of the Week. Of course the target market for this is teen idols as it is normally teenagers who are willing to spend any time on this. 😀


Lucky for me and Paula, we have our own personal twitter accounts ( and ) apart from our blog account ( ), so we could use those as well without annoying our blog followers too much or land in twitter jail for tweeting too much. 😀 I rarely use my twitter, but it came in very handy this time – apologies to my followers for the pic spam of Alex while I ‘voted’

On the one hand I am scared to share the names of the  tweeters who participated and made it happen, because I am scared I might miss somebody. But feel we need to give a lot of thanks to the ones who made it happen ( it was a fantastic group effort!)…….so here we go:

, , , ,, , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , c,, l , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

(If I missed anybody, I apologize – there was a lot of tweets to scan through to get the names )


During the whole time I did not see too much complaining from the fans on twitter and the timelines were filled with pretty pictures of Alex. Thousands of them! ❤ Of course it is not necessary to tweet pictures, but it helps, because you are not allowed to tweet the same tweet over and over again, so attaching a picture overcomes that problem. And it also gives the followers something to look at, other than just thousands of tweets with the same tags……..


Everybody did  a great job, because the real voting for Alex only started on Tuesday, but I think most will agree that a lot of the hard work was done by Carol – we applaud you! 🙂



Most of us who participated agree that we would much rather see Alex recognized for his acting, but that is not in our hands. None of us are members of the bodies that vote for acting accolades 😦 That is why we show our support in the places were we can at least try to make him aware of how much we appreciate him as an artist and as a person ……..♥

Please remember to vote for Steve’s abs: Here


  • I added some names at the end of the list, that I have missed earlier.
  • Remember that apparently RT’s does not count in the competition.
  • The tweets from people with protected accounts can not be counted, because only your own followers can read your tweets (Nobody else (E!News included) can see them).
  • And I also can not see tweets from people if they blocked our twitter account or if they are protected.
  • Belated birthday wishes to Chris Colfer (From Gleegruss – It was his 24th birthday last week, on 27 May – (oops!)


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With Alex O’Loughlin ……… it’s always worth a try ♥

When it comes to Alex, it is always worth the try…… there is always some reward for a fangirl, when he is involved! 🙂

Alex and Egan

In October 2013 the Grappling Unlimited T-shirts designed by Alex and Egan were launched at Athletes originals (<<< link to order shirts)


As part of a promotion for the T-shirts, Athletes originals ran a photo competition. We got the winner’s story……

hip-hip-hurray to @howmanymanu

 Manu’s story:

I already owned some of the t-shirts from Egan, I love the design and they are comfy for my workouts, plus I saw Alex wearing them in pics and having them it kinda made me feel closer to HIM, silly I know, but that’s me!
Alex designed most of the t-shirt together with Egan, I think the one with the Samurai is really cool.
Anyways, in March a friend of mine on twitter said that there was a contest from Grappling Unlimited and Athlete Original about sending a pic wearing Egan’s t-shirts.
Egan and Alex would choose the winners plus there would be a 25% of discount buying a t-shirt that weekend.

This was the competition:

I immediately decided I would take part, for fun and because the idea of Alex looking at a pic of mine for just 2 seconds made me giggle like a 3 years old.

I put some thought into what the picture should look like, I knew I wouldn’t be neither the prettiest nor the fittest of the contenders so I decided to focus on a couple of things I knew Alex and Egan would like, fun and the concept of team work.We know that our boy is always up for a giggle. So I sent two pics, the 1st one, because of my silly slippers.
And the 2nd one, I thought, lets pretend I’m lifting the weight just with one finger but make it clear that there is a trick there! I captioned the pic “Team work”.
I forgot all about the contest until yesterday, when my time line filled up with congratulations and finally I found the tweet from Athlete Original:
Congratulations to @howmanymanu who was handpicked as the winner of our #GrapplingUnlimited contest by Egan Inoue and Alex O’Loughlin! She will be receiving a $200 #AthleteOriginals shopping spree! #TGIFive0
I couldn’t believe my eyes, Alex and Egan picked my photo? No way. I started laughing and nearly crying at the same time, I was so excited that they like and appreciated my humor. The news got me brain-scrambled for a while, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that the guy I have dreamt about for the past few years actually saw my pic and liked it.
Funny thing is that after his Wedding many people told me “Oh now you’ll have to find another celeb crush”! Not going to happen, I love and admire our Alex now more than ever, he always gives us more reasons with his talent, down to earth manners and caring personality.
So thank you Alex and Egan for making my day….week….oh well, lets even say month Emoji
Thank you to Manu for once again sharing your Alex-experience with us. 🙂
You can also read Manu’s story of her trip to Sunset On The Beach at Waikiki beach in Hawaii, in September 2013:
And her story about the Self Defense Seminar:
Some random pictures of our most favorite t-shirt model 🙂

 Should this even be covered with a t-shirt?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos Continues – Some more inspiration for decorating “dat ass”

A reminder of the canvass you are working with…….

And from the front …..

We are adding a few more samples of the tattoo – Please remember they were not posed for, so apologies for the poor quality….

Tiny, but useful

And feast your eyes on the bare beauty once more……

Those legs!!

And another closer look….


Please complete the picture for us!

Thank you to everybody that have already send in their entries

Send your entries to:

And remember, it does not have to be a drawing and it can be full of your imagination!!

Detail on the original post here.


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