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Poetry contest, get inspired by the BUTT.

It is time for our first ever contest! We are asking you to write a short poem/limerick, that is inspired by this perkylicious butt! We will post all entries of course, for everyone to enjoy 🙂 You can write either naughty or nice, it is up to you. So put on your thinking cap  and get those words flowing. Winner will be chosen by the Nobel  poetry committee (I think that is FOYeur and me). First prize, a trip around the world!

No wait! Crap! We don´t have any money….well 1st prize will be fame and glory on our blogSmiley

Okay ladies, please stop staring at this and go and write something!! You have a week to participate.

Send your entries to our email:  intense.study.aol@gmail.com

or use the direct messages on our Facebook page here

For more inspiration use these buttons:

and thank you for participatingSmiley

Ps. This contest idea was given by Melissa. Thank you and cheersSmiley


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