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#AlexOLoughlin – His Laughter is a Cure for all Illnesses and Injuries

“I live my life with lightness and laughter”

– Alex O’Loughlin

LA Times

July 2007

” In the words of maybe my favorite comedian Billy Connolly, I’ve got a voice like a goose farting in the fog. Which is not a good thing.”

“Look how handsome I was back then, before I turned gray and tired.”

Once a week, I have one day off where I eat whatever I want. Honey Smacks! They drive me crazy. And Froot Loops.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Timeout New York,

30 September 2009

“Somebody came up to me and went, ‘Do I know you?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know’, and he’s like, ‘What do you do?’ And I said, ‘I’m an actor.’ I’m waiting for, ‘Oh, I saw you in this movie’, and they go, ‘I got it! Tampon boy!’ And I go, ‘Yep, that’s me. I’m tampon boy.’ I’m quite endeared to that little commercial.”

Alex O’Loughlin

News Weekly,

3 March 2008




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“Stalking” is such a strong word………… I prefer the term “Intense Research”

For young actors going to Hollywood, one of the first things you need to do is realise where they’re going to pigeonhole you — how they’re going to market you. Because if you don’t know how you’re marketable, it doesn’t matter how persistent, driven or talented you are. You’ve got to know where you fit so you can kick off from there, then you can shine in whatever direction you want. But that’s where it starts.”

Alex O’Loughlin, GQ, 30 March 2011

Yes, every breath…..

Over the last few months we have been part of a few fun projects involving Alex fan’s from around the world. Most of these have been driven by our bedazzlingly vivacious friend LaHagela.

For this “Wall of Eyes” montage she asked us all to send her photo’s of our eye (yes singular) “put on some eye makeup and take a closeup picture”. Now for some of the girls, this involved doing it in the middle of the night, so as to not tip off their significant others to their fangirling alternate lives….but as usual, it was all done in good fun, and we couldn’t wait to see what she was actually doing with these photo’s of our eyes.

So yes, these eyes belong to real fan girls from all over the world…….and the significance of the montage? Well at any given time, somewhere in the world there is always a fan watching him.

Every time I read this quote from him, I see this wall of eyes and I think, for most of us he will never be stuck in a pigeonhole…….he is out there, showing the world that he is a man of many talents. If the rest of the world took the time to watch some of his other work, they would see that he is more than just a pretty face, he’s also a damn fine actor.

I love, love, love my fans and appreciate them so much. It’s a very, very strange experience having people you don’t really know, know you and express great emotion to you. It’s validating to a point, but it’s also really bizarre.

Alex O’Loughlin,  Boston Herald, 15 May 2011

Thanks to LaHagela for doing all the hard work of creating the art work for this story and also once again making it  readable to the English speaking world.


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Fast talk with Alex/Mick

Shower song?
All my songs are shower songs. I have a terrible voice. But I’d say “Johnny B. Goode.”

“Deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans…”

Boobs or butt?

I will take the….both, what the heck.

Ideal superpower?

If at first you don´t succeed…

then try, try again…

Pet peeve?
When people drink the milk and don’t buy new milk.

Where´s all my milk!?

You drank all my milk!

What do you sleep in?

Badamp badamp badampadampadam padadadadadaadada…

But I´m not sleepy!


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