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Mick, charmingly normal.

So the vampire can be dark but he also has to be charming and appealing?

O’Loughlin: Yeah, absolutely. As an actor I approach this character, as a guy who just happens to be a vampire. He just happens to have this curse that he didn’t want and didn’t ask for and now it just so happens he has to live off of human blood. Other than that; he’s just a normal guy



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Jack hard at work

The day was about to start. Jack was getting ready for another hard day of physical labor. But the job satisfaction was really gratifying. You knew when the day was finished, you had earned your rest.

The tasks were endless, one job after another. Are there enough hours in a day to get them all done? It was almost unbearable to think of… Jack was glad he was still young, he had the strength of a bull, he would make it through the day, somehow.

With sweat pouring down their faces, there was barely time for a quick sip of the coffee. And rushing off to the oysters again. This is not a job for everyone.

One would think there´s not much work to be done growing oysters, you would be surprised though. Jack knew the truth…But the day was finally coming to an end.

His feet were aching so bad, he could barely find the energy to fall back to his bed. Bl00dy h€ll, that was one excruciating day at the oyster farm again.

The End

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