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Panicking Mick, something lost…

Mick lost your birthday greeting! And he is panicking! Fortunately he has friends here to help. 

May today bring joy and happiness and  lots of sweetheart Alex to your screen, to help with the celebrations. Happy Birthday Ellen!

Love and best wishes from Paula and FOYeur.



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Our man, every year

What makes a good man?

The way you conduct yourself as a man in the world.

I think you have to have a bit of style,you have to know how to wear a tux, how to wear a suit.

Do you like being in a suit, or are you jeans and  t-shirt kind of a guy?

By the end of tonight I will be yanking on my tie.

I live in Hawaii, so it´s perfect. I´m boardies, t-shirt and flip-flops kind of guy.

(Have you got that visual, women of Australia? Pretty painful.)

And are you a boxers or briefs  guy?

I´m kind of boxer/briefs kind of guy.


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