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Are vampires attractive

Mick: Some people actually find vampires attractive.

Beth: Really? 

Look at Mick´s eyes. I think Beth´s answer wasn´t quite what he expected 😀



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He broke the car!

“It was either a Jeep Cherokee, that exploded on me, or maybe a Gio Prism, the American equivalent of a Mitsubishi Colt. I think that exploded on me, too. To be honest, I’m surprised I’m still here: the vehicles I’ve had should have killed me by now.”


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Staying fit & da view…again

“I’d rather hang from trees and do pull-ups than be in a gym surrounded by people in spandex.”


“I’m running up that hill cursing at the mountain, or at myself. But I also find it exhilarating. There’s something really validating about reaching the top of a mountain and looking back.”

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The cause that started my gif mania.

The cause that started my gif mania.


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#AlexOLoughlin – Perfect hair

I grew up in a mullet kind of world, a mullet-y school with mullet-y friends. I had several mullets over the years, so I have a longstanding personal relationship with the mullet and I’m ready to mullet anytime. I can mullet right now. RIGHT NOW.

– Alex O’Loughlin, PopWatch Duel, April 2008


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Love at first sight

“There are a few cats around town that I am buddies with. I can chat with them. I borrow cats. I will borrow my buddy’s cat. The best cat is your friend’s cat.”

– Alex O’Loughlin, Movieweb, April 2008



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