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#AlexOLoughlin Explaining Mick ….

You can get the transcript and full interview here: 

Moonlight: #AlexOLoughlin Interview with Living TV, UK – February 2008



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Steve sticking his nose into buddy´s lunch

What´s it, evidence from a case or something?


What´s in the bag. Just what´s in the bag?

It´s my lunch, genius.

Your lunch, ok. What did you bring?

You´ve got to know every last minute detail of my life? What´s it to you, what my lunch is?

Because you don´t want to tell me! What, you think it´s so fantastic I´m gonna steal it? You fly in some-some deep-fried sandwich from New Jersey, I´m not allowed to know about.

It´s a salad. Okay? It´s a salad. That´s it. There´s nothing else in here. Grace has been taking a nutrition class, and she´s concerned about my cholesterol. So I promised her I would eat better, okay? Happy?

Huh. That´s actually incredibly sweet.

I appreciate that.


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Intolerable cruelty!

Stan about to kill with his first choice of weapons, flowers + smile…

Stan´s second choice, a deadly bl0w job…surely no-one can survive that?

Zoe: Will you stop trying to kill me?
Stan: I can´t promise it.


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