406 – Steve – our hero!

A good coherent story this week. But… where´s my Halloween comedy?! Oh, there it was, served in small doses 🙂

But of course these posts are also about Steve´s biceps and pecs under those shirts (and other lumps)  😉

Steve ate most of the candy while Cath was burning the calories.


Party animal buddies, feel the beat! Party on, boys 🙂


Lumps, front and back



ARKSJLDFJLKSDJFKDJ!!!! (in other words…SQUEE! )


Danny doesn´t like feeling, like a rat

406-oh-oh l


learning something new after 4 years 😀


Shadow spread


McHero saved us from a zombie apocalypse



Getting choked by Steve. Yes!




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19 responses to “406 – Steve – our hero!

  1. Ontlls

    Um, *THUD*….

    *few minutes later* Um.. *sitting on floor* Can’t get past first gif.. That White T-Shirt.. Two episodes in a row.. Oh my.. *happy dance!!!*


  2. ItisSabrina

    Some great gif’s here!


  3. buttercup

    White shirt, wow – another burning desire has been taken care of 😆 – I am so delighted! We’re spoiled brats around here! I wonder what’s next – a shower scene? Let’s wish very VERy h.a.r.d. !


  4. buttercup

    I have to admit, that I’m more in love with h5o with every ep that comes!
    Love the Steve/Cath moments, love the Steve/Danny moments (especially the tunnel stuff when Steve says “okay”) and I love the way Steve shines through all of it!
    Thanks Paula for the wonderful gifs! The one with the shadow/light is a true jewel! He spread the doors with is legs, OMG!!!!!


  5. Like the pics; nice job with the party bus. I have to say this has been my least favorite episode this season. A little to gory for me, yes I am a wuss lol Looking forward to the baby next week. 🙂


    • buttercup

      I’m a wuss too, never liked the hw eps myself! But this ep had some nice and cheery bromance conversation that made up for the greepy stuff 😆 !


      • Yes the bromance is always funny. I like Danny and Grace interacting too. And Max was his usual awesome self. This is the first episode this year I didn’t watch twice, once was enough.


  6. If he was handing out candy in my neighborhood in that hot white tee shirt, I would have several different costumes to change into, so I could keep coming back to his house over and over again. 😛
    The bus bromance was great, but too short. I sure hope these boys gave us some goodies on the gag reel! How could they not do or say something incredibly inappropriate, especially with a stripper pole right there?! OMG! I hope Steve/Alex made good use of that pole. 😯 I have a feeling he is an expert with “the pole.”
    His face in the b&w close-up gif is panty pulverizing!
    I knew you would gif the chair scene. Thank you! 😀 My lady parts did a happy dance the minute he grabbed that chair. Then they burst into flames when he stepped up onto it, with his thighs and glutes flexing through his tight pants! ((THUD)) He has the most magnificently luscious lumps, front and back, high and low! 😛


    • veniascott

      I to thought the bus bromace scne was to short also. I cannot wait to see the gag reel for that scene becasue I just know those two did some crazy things for that scene.


  7. SueB

    The chair! The leg spread! The saving hug! Love it all! Thank you


  8. LOL….we now have another “Chair Scene” to admire with Alex…….


  9. marnov2205

    Thanks, Paula, this is so s.xy and hilarious! (Or maybe I’m hysterical.) The chair scene, the shadow leg spread, wow! And thank you for the gif of Danno admiring my panties 😉 !


  10. Linda E.

    I liked this episode a lot. Such an improvement over last week, quality-wise, and so much Alex-ness to drool over. This season is shaping-up, really well !! Next week will be a ‘killer’, too !!


  11. Anwyn

    OMG the black and white gif: he’s like a predator scenting his prey. I wanna be hunted down by him. Fans herself and goes to recover somewhere else.


  12. veniascott

    I love this episode I enjoyed it a lot. I am down with the bromance so I have to say the that pole/bromance bus scene was my faovrite. I love how at this point these two don’t even have to talk they can look at each other and know what the other is thinking. I love how relax and cool danny looks. Like he had dished out a few 10s and 20s in his day Picking up the panties was funny, also that is so danny. I also like the scene when danny tells steve he can’t go into small spaces and steve said to took 4 years for him to know that. Great fun episode, but next year I think it is time for alex to face his past and bring in a vampire story. Great pics thank you for having them.


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