H50 5.15 – Steve put butter in his coffee!

What a depressing story for a Valentine´s Day epi. But thankfully we and Steve got to enjoy Danny´s torment, with the punk pushing his buttons 😉 Some nice little smirks from Steve this week, thankfully 🙂 And he stripped in public! Why didn´t the perp say off with it all! We just need to continue practising our x-ray vision, still *sigh*…

Let´s see what goodies I managed to capture from all the drama 😀





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11 responses to “H50 5.15 – Steve put butter in his coffee!

  1. gracenotpark

    I tried the butter in the coffee…and it is a real thing. There’s at least one sight, Bulletproof Coffee or some such title, making quite the to-do over it. I found it creamy, but not as sweet as using milk. Soooo…at least I tried. And I took a nap about an hour later, so not sure I believe the claims it gives you energy and focus. But it probably works that way on McG…pretty much everything works like that on McG! 😆

    Excellent caps from last night. 🙂


  2. Nice pics 🙂 I love the Steve smiles and smirks so adorable. Always a good episode when the entire team is there. I was disappointed that Kono didn’t tell anyone, not even Chin, about being engaged? I loved Danny and Grace at the end and the running story throughout. I have a feeling Scott will not be there next week, yet again, since we have a guest star working the case with the team. *sigh* I hope I am wrong. I liked Jerry and the doctor too, so cute. Overall, a good, fun episode.


  3. Am I the only one to think Alex almost starts laughing in the drinking coffee gif? Those genuine moments make me smile 🙂


    • Colleen

      I thought that too! He seemed so happy and was really smiling. I have the dumbest smirk on my face anytime he smiles. Great pictures. When he really smiled when Chin agreed with him in the office my heart flip flopped. Oh Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


  4. debras57

    I read about the coffee also, and it’s the ‘in’ thing to do. Paleo diet people love it. Alex is into Paleo. An article said the Malia cooks gluten free too. Thinking it’s something he likes doing and they wrote it into the script. I am going to try it also, from what I read you either love it or hate it, but it has a smooth taste to the coffee. He can make my coffee any day. lol Can you just imagine getting up in the morning to him in your kitchen…


  5. “And he stripped in public! Why didn´t the perp say off with it all!”
    Good point! For crying out loud, Grover had to strip to his skivvies to talk to the hostage-takers, why not Steve, why, why, why????


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