#H50 7.17 – Steve between “Grey” and Brown

So much gorgeousness! Squeeeeee….eee….

I liked this episode but would have preferred a different ending. Time will tell how the story went, so will have to wait and see.
















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25 responses to “#H50 7.17 – Steve between “Grey” and Brown

  1. gracenotpark

    Agree on the ending…other than that it was a great ep.

    He was gorgeous and awesome, as are your pics and gifs. 😀

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  2. Nancy Drinnin

    I was hoping you would do a GIF of him standing alone outside the cabin. That was a beautiful site!!

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  3. kathysr

    I love this episode—compelling, mysterious, with an open ending. Great acting by everyone. A wonderful surprise, Alicia’s daughter is alive! I choose to live in not knowing realm. We heard a gun shot off screen. Alicia could have shot the wall, Madison could have grabbed the gun and shot her, Alicia could have shot and wounded Madison, Alicia could have shot and killed Madison. Why would Alicia kill Madison NOW, after Madison led her to her daughter and enabled Alicia to rescue her? NOW?

    We have NO idea what happened.

    Now, let’s watch next week and see if ANYTHING in this episode is even mentioned! So, this story line WILL continue. They could write a great season finale cliffhanger with this story line.

    Hmmmmm, the plot thickens. I like it.


  4. dachsiemom

    Love your blog!!

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  5. vanduyn

    Thanks for the awesome gifs! 🙂

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  6. Lulu

    What a great job of showing us the many faces of Alex/Steve!


  7. Lynne

    LOVED this episode…. Really like Alicia and Steve together….Best shot of him evaaaaaah..Hands on hips , alone, outside of cabin- YUMMO! Well, we don’t know: shoot to kill, Marr her face, gun manipulated to back fire OR knight in shining armor shoots Madison from behind…..ooooo- terrific clips of our boy by the way…BRAVO


  8. Yeah as really Alicia and Steve but as a couple not really. But think she killed the doctor!


    • Dq

      I don’t see them as a couple either. I think PL is just yanking our chains with Steve cooking dinner and staying overnight on her couch. Idiot. Claire Forlini is older than Alex in real time. This got me thinking about the age descreptions of the various couples. Melissa is way younger that Danny. Every mans wet dream. Lynn seems to be age appropriate for Steve, but unlike previous episodes, latest show she was acting like a silly school girl. What’s up with that? She had to have played it the way the director wanted it or surely they would have done a re-take. I think I remember from an earlier interview, Alex saying “girl friend” once a girl was past a certain age seemed inappropriate. He prefers “partner” I think it’s an Aussie thing. Here in the US, partner would seem too business like. I think that’s why he used lady friend. Just my opinion. Well, now that I have gone completley off topic, I think Steve suspected something was wrong, snuck back and shot Dr Grey so Alicia would not have to have blood on her hands.


      • Kathysr

        Steve was there to protect Alicia not to be romantic with her. He knew that she had been emotionally isolating herself since their escape, so he was trying to bring her out of her emotional isolation. He stood guard on the couch. He knew that her life and her daughter’s life were in danger as long as Dr. Grey had escaped. However, since the two of them escaped death together, or rather Steve saved both their lives, an emotional bond might be developing. Alicia has a really wicked, sexy, baudy laugh. They do have wonderful chemistry.


  9. Regina Filange

    I liked the episode a lot. Although I did find it a little predictable that the Dr. would have a secret to keep Alicia from just walking out of the interrogation room. What else could it be other than her daughter being alive. I’m interested to see where the writers take the ending of this episode. Do they keep going with it or do they just stop the storyline right there like they tend to do.
    As always our Alex looked very fetching. Great work on getting some wonderful gifs from this episode.


  10. This episode was amazing! What a relief after last week.
    Alex acting was incredible, but what else is new. I think a lot of people take his v.o.es for granted. But I am always in awe what this man is capable of. Conveying so many different emotions without overacting. Just making them real. His McG is so real!
    For the ending I am pretty sure Steve did not shoot Dr. Grey. That would NOT be Steve. Steve doesn’t kill in cold blood, he has never done that. That’s not the way he is. He even prevents others from doing it (like the MI-6 agent).
    Paula your gifs a amazing. The various faces of Alex O’Loughlin! Thank you. #3 is killing me, and SnowSteve, and SleepySteve, and SmileSteve, and CharmingSteve, and ScratchSteve…

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  11. Kristie

    GIF #2. How is it that I’m jealous of a chair???


  12. Magnólia

    Tudo nele é envolvente! Obrigada, Paula ❣🎶🎸

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  13. This episode goes into my all time favs. It was a great Friday night popcorn thriller for me. Thanks as always for the pretties.


  14. Carol A Roscoe

    I think Steve come back through the French doors and did shoot Dr. Gray @leiCa but she didn’t kill her just wounded her maybe in the shoulder. I agree he doesn’t kill in cold blood, but to save some he cares about might be a different story.


    • Kathysr

      I didn’t think of that option, but I sure hope it’s true. And only wound Dr. Gray, so that she can GO TO PRISON.


      • Dq

        You’re correct. He couldn’t even kill Wo Fat till the very end. He wanted him in prison. Of course he always escaped. I predict the same slipperiness with Dr.Grey. Maybe she will be the new elusive villan.


        • Kathysr

          I’ve had that thought. Dr. Grey could be the new Wo Fat, always getting away, only to return and create more danger for everyone. Let’s see what happens. That shot could have been the very last scene in the season finale.


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