Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (7 – 16 Feb 2017)

I hope you all are having a great week! And to set us into the mood for what will hopefully be one of the better episodes of the Season of Hawaii Five-0, a look back at the past week and a ½ around Alex. Not much happening, but at least we got some new stuff to post.

As always a big Thank You to those individuals who were so generous to post their pictures during this week.

Life on the Set:

  • From the set this week

safeish   SAFEISH Five-0! Oh the rough life of @denisesanders9481 We recently caught her packing parachutes on the set of Hawaii Five-0 and hanging out with #alexoloughlin and @scott_caan for some skydiving stunts for the show. @hawaii_five0_official #screenactorsguild #dano #hawaii #hawaiistagram #hawaiilife #skydiving #bookemdano #stuntman #pacificskydiving #tandemskydiving #hawaiiantourism #hawaii50 ##hawaii5o

safeish-on-setPeter Lenkov also posted this picture, which would suggest that the two partners will do a tandem jump in an upcoming episode.


plenkov  This is certain to make you smile… and then some. #h50friday #h50@hawaiifive0cbs


  ホノルル空港にセスナ操縦体験に行ったらHawaii5-0の撮影に遭遇しました。スティーブマクギャレットとコノの写真バッチリ撮れた! #Hawaii5-0 #ハワイファイブオー#h50#ホノルル


Translated from Japanese: If you go to the Cessna pilot experience at the Honolulu airport encountered Hawaii5-0 shooting. And stevemcgarrett 撮reta Cono photos Pat! -0
  •  On the set of Episode 7:15
Check The Gate – trained studio animals (10 February) Our local doctor and his mules got to play around on last Fridays episode of Hawaii Five-O (ep.715). Joined here by the always accommodating Alex O’Loughlin.

Fan Photos:

michellem7346   Got to meet #stevemcgarrett on the set of Hawaii 5.0 in the Northshore 😝😁 #luckyday #hawaii50 #tvshowset #myalohatimes

from-michelleThank you Michelle, it is such a great picture

Promos for this week’s episode:

  • Catch the information and discussion about this week’s new episode here:

7.17 Promo Pictures

7.17 Press release


Alex, Family, Friends & Colleagues:

ajofficial    Jams & Mad Faces with my mate Alex O’Loughlin. This is the guitar he played in #augustrush.

alex-aidenAiden posted this picture below, of them in March 2013. Looks like they both grew up a bit since then. 🙂


Aiden looks very young here so maybe this picture was not taken 4 years ago, but rather taken when he first appeared on H50 in 2010.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • romantic ways to distract a guy from his work
  • hawaii five o kono and steve kiss
  • sexiest man alive alex o loughlin
  • is alex o’loughlin a nice guy


Next Week:

  • I am not sure about where exactly they are with filming, because we rarely get information from the directors these days. And they are also filming a crossover with MacGyver, which I am not sure where it will fit in with the episodes. But according to calculation I would guess they finished up filming Episode 7:20 this week and moved on to 7:21. Hopefully we will get some information about some of it soon. Maybe somebody can help us out to get back on track?



Enjoy your weekend!



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12 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (7 – 16 Feb 2017)

  1. joanie

    I love that man in glasses!


  2. —>>>hawaii five o kono and steve kiss
    Squee! I always had a soft spot for those two. But sadly Kono’s taste in man is at least debatable. 😉
    I was wondering if Alex still owns the August Rush guitar or if he has given it as a gift to Aidan.
    Thanks for the recap FOYeur!


  3. Random thoughts on what you covered:
    To each his own… BUT no-no-no-no to McG & Kono! I’ve never understood this fan wish!
    To McG playing that guitar on the show? YES, please!!
    RE: SAFEish… I don’t find that company name comforting at all!
    RE: That ‘jump’ shot: McG looks amazing, Danny… not so much.
    Love him in glasses too. This shot with Aiden, might be among the last ones we saw of Alex wearing specs!
    Can’t believe they are around 1 month away from season finale shooting!!
    THX for all the goodies!!


  4. Ocean

    Is the picture with fan Michelle of an upcoming episode? I don’t remember that blue Henley shirt.
    Thanks for the reports and photos!


  5. DoubleL

    Here’s a nice story from an imdb member. Better read it quick because imdb is eliminating the boards on Monday.


  6. Lulu

    I love seeing Alex in blue shirts! Thanks, DoubleL, for the story about the family who met Alex. It just confirms what I thought all along; that he is kind and considerate to his fans. What a lovely man! Great job, FOYeur, with the recap.


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