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#AlexOLoughlin & ‘The Back-up Plan’ – Weekend Sunrise Junket Interview (2010)

Just for some fun for the day, the transcript of one of the short old interviews from 2010.

Alex and Jennifer doing a Press Junket interview for “The Back-up Plan”, with Nelson Aspen for Sunrise on Channel 7 in Oz – aired: 16 May 2010

[They show a promo clip from the movie]

Nelson: Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, the Hemsworth brothers. Of all the Aussie leading men you could have had, why did you choose Alex?


Jennifer: Cause he’s the best ….

Alex: Thanks babes.??

Jennifer:  …… of all of them. And the world will soon know it, once they see this movie.

Nelson: Now, you went to NIDA. Very high brow. Now what did you learn there that you were able to apply to the romantic comedy genre?

Alex: In a romantic comedy, and in comedy, you have to understand timing. You have to understand comedy. You have to …… Looking at things like studying farce and studying the origins of comedy can be really helpful.

But ultimately it is about being able to play it straight and play the truth. Get to the honesty of the scene. And that if it’s funny, it’s funny.

[Another promo clip]

Nelson: If you were going to set the sequel in Australia, where would you want to do it?


Jennifer: Probably Sydney?

Alex: Totally. On the beach.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Alex: And I would spend the whole film ….

Nelson: Shirtless. … No I’m sorry.

Alex: I don’t care …. That’s fine.


Jennifer: Another fan of yours. …. ?

Alex: The whole film in a hammock.

Jennifer: ….. here [pointing at the reporter]

Alex: Naked in a hammock. You know, with a cool beverage. And you would be like busy doing stuff.

Jennifer: [Giggles]

Alex: You would just keep going back to me.

[Another clip from movie]


Nelson: You are arguably Hollywood’s most yummy mummy.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Nelson: So what part of your maternal experience do you bring to this movie?

Jennifer: I mean all of it. All of it, because this movie is about being pregnant. About becoming a mom.  And I had just gone through that experience. So it really helped me with this film. I mean, this is perfectly timed for me.


Nelson: As a man we know nothing about pregnancy, other than what we can observe

Jennifer: That’s for sure.

Nelson: What’s the best thing about an expectant mom?

Jennifer:  Just the miracle that’s happening inside your body. Anybody that’s ever been pregnant, or who’s ever had a child, knows this. It’s just the most amazing thing that could ever happen to you. The best thing that could ever happen to your life.


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