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#H50 – Building Steve’s ‘Bride’

In some comments here on the blog last week, there were suggestions for qualities and equipment a girlfriend for Steve should have in order to survive with him. There will of course be material things that she needs, but then there will also be some emotional/mental and physical traits that would make her ideal. A few people in comments reckoned it might be a fun to start compiling such a list.

What do you think? Can we have some fun with this?

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We will start with some of the stuff already mentioned, plus a few that I could think off. Now we need you to add more. Maybe the pictures will help you think of some …..


So let’s imagine we are Dr Frankenstein and start ‘building’ Steve’s ideal bride ….


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Equipment already listed with initial suggestion:

  • A Cellphone that is always charged
  • A satellite phone
  • A GPS implant



Mental skills already listed:

  • Not afraid of drug lords
  • Not afraid or thieves
  • Not afraid of pimps
  • Be prepared to be kidnapped
  • Be immune to weird suggestions for double dates from Danny’s girlfriends
  • Be immune against social media abuse by fangirls
  • Be better than how she is written :huhuani:

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Physical traits (and why that is needed):

We have not yet started this list. Here are some suggestions. Do you think any of these are important, and why?

  • Hair colour?
  • Colour of eyes?
  • Height?
  • Level of fitness?

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Let’s try to have some fun with this one.

Just forget for a moment if you think he already found her or not …..

OR if he needs a girlfriend or not.




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