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All in a day in the life of an #AlexOloughlin fansite blogger ….

Sometimes when you go through all your drafts and information and struggle to find anything of interest to post, or you sit here suffering to say something (or just anything) about the latest Hawaii Five-0 episode, a THING just pops up ……….


We had the best laugh and WTF-moment this morning. After 4½ years of blogging about our favourite subject here on our Alex O’Loughlin fansite, some “wise” person decided they know a lot more about Alex O’Loughlin than us.

Confused smiley 83

I guess that there are many who know a LOT more than we do about Alex, and that none of us are too old to learn some more after all. And I would be the first to want to know more about this man if somebody is willing to share something old or new that I don’t know about him.


This was the comment that we got this morning after all these years:


Of course those very first posts were done after a year of “intense” research and actually following Alex. And even some more research in all the years after that, that has never stopped and been updated. Thousands of fans, most of who have been Alex followers far longer than us, have read it and none ever disputed the facts or the evidence that we presented ….. Have you all just been ‘kind’ to us, or scared to tell us we are wrong?

And clearly the person actually did not bother to read the two follow-up post either – you know just for some better clarity before commenting:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 2) – The Cover-Ups And Hidden Treasures


Our choices:

  1. Delete the silly comment. (And ignore the stupidity)
  2. Answer the person. (And actually give their stupidity air)
  3. Give the person to the wolves (fangirls) to sort out. (Just for fun)

Well we decided to just share for fun …..


After all, I presume with such a vague comment, that this was actually meant as a joke by this person, just to see how we will react. Or maybe in the world of “fake” news these days, the smartass knows better after all. Or maybe this person is just an idiot who really think they know stuff. Or maybe this person can’t read properly and did not understand our explanation of what is real or not. Or maybe lower back is not really back. What do you think?

In any case – Thank you “Nope”, for making my day.

Any chance to look at this man’s bare body, is worth the while.



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