#H50 7.15 – Steve escaped the office

Nice to have different pairing. Chin and Alex have such a calm, easy partnership. So relaxing to watch those two together 🙂

Didn´t make that many gifs, until I lost it. I love kevlar pretty Steve 😀

















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13 responses to “#H50 7.15 – Steve escaped the office

  1. vanduyn

    Fabulous gifs!!


  2. Thanks for the ‘pretty’! Mmmmmm ;>)


  3. gracenotpark

    Wow! Beautiful gifs, babe. God bless you…and Alex. 😉

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  4. kathysr

    Maybe Alex is getting healthier and we’re going to start seeing Steve chase the bad guys again. I love Steve with Chin and Steve with Grover. Clearly Danny’s been fading into the background for quite a while now. I’ve been trying to figure out how they’ll write him off the show if Scott leaves after seven seasons. I want Danny and Rachel to reunite and the two of them to head back to Jersey. Clearly, Hawaii’s not for them.

    Has anyone else noticed how little Kono has done this year? She’s faded into the background almost as much as Danny has. We don’t see Sharp Shooter Kono much anymore. She used to be a really powerful, kick butt character. Now she just reviews stuff when they’re all at the board in the office. Where are the Kono and Adam stories? It makes me wonder if Grace plans to leave the show. The writers are NOT writing her character well anymore. What’s WITH these people? They keep ruining great characters.


  5. Thanks for great pics. I am heartbroken. During the SuperBowl last night, my television started acting up. So great IT Tech had me to do master rest and promised me faithfully I would not lose my recordings and guess what I lost all seven seasons of episodes from beginning up til last Friday night’s. So sad, so sad! Now I have to start over. 😂😰😢


    • kathysr

      I don’t know where you live, but Netflix has Hawaii Five-0 through Season Six and CBS All Access has all seven seasons of Hawaii Five-O. My TV died so I’ve been watching TV online the past 18 months, and I subscribe to CBS All Access for $9.99 a month. I love it because you get to watch everything commercial free! Yipee! I don’t know if you can record this way, but at least you can watch the shows to your heart’s content. I just went through last night and marked all my favorite episodes. I’m happily watching them now over and over. Ah, this is heaven. There are some cable channels that may do marathon weekends of the show, too. They run 10-12 episodes back to back. That might be a way to record them again.

      My heart goes out to you. That’s a really terrible loss.


    • gracenotpark

      Ugh! Been there, done that. I feel your pain darlin. 😦


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