The Steve McGarrett Story – No #85

We continue our story from here

Steve shows us that he is a man of his word. Even when he promised a man at gunpoint that he will investigate his case, he keeps his promise. When they overpower the kidnapper and have him safely cuffed again, Steve decides to outrun HPD and find the man’s witness……

Danny: What are you doing. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t do it, please.

Steve: Danny, guilty guys, they run. They don’t kidnap a couple of cops to proof that they were framed.

Danny: Good. So we drop him of at HPD and we look into the story ourselves.

Steve: No, we don’t.

Danny: We don’t?

Steve: No we don’t. We gave him our word. We track down Okama, before we hand him over to the cops. That’s what we gonna do.



 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 414 –

Na hala a ka makua (Sins of the Father)

To be continued here



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10 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #85

  1. Hi all just thought you might like to know that there is a one page article in this weeks TV Guide showing a AWESOME picture of “Steve” bound and an article speaking about the 100th episode. Check it out! Also please if you know of any “appearances” that Alex may do to promote the 100th episode please be kind and post it, Thanks for all who contribute.


  2. Not loving the blah tan shirt, but it would look much better, crumpled on my bedroom floor. 😛 There were things I loved in this episode and then…not so much. You picked out some fabulous stills, Foyeur! My faves, in case anyone cares 😀 are the closeups in the car, esp. 1298 (I want to kiss that angelic face) and 1292 (NavySEAL panty destroying stare) . Next are the pics of him holding his gun. UNF! Those big, bare, orgasmic fingers, wrapped around the cold hard steel. Also love all the open mouth pics. Slurp! Makes me want to lick inside those plump lips and introduce myself to the “pink beast.” And of course, the suit! Stubble on the face, open collar, the lean, and the grin that makes are panties dance! No matter what he’s wearing, he is SEX ON LEGS!


    • Thanks Lu, but I can not take credit for the stills. Paula’s been doing the stills for Season 4, because I do not have the DVD’s for it and my downloads are not good.
      If you look back at the others seasons, you might see that the ones I did for the first 3 seasons, does not have the same quality as Paula’s. She goes more for the body-shots, while mine are more head-shots. She shows more of the Sex on legs, while I get mesmerized by the FACE 🙂


      • Thank you Paula! As always, you two make an incredible team! You give us everything we need here to satisfy our cravings. Just wish Mr O would take that shirt off a little more. 😛 A fangirl has needs you know! :mrgreen:


  3. Can’t believe I forgot the “thumb to his delicious mouth” pic! YUM!


  4. We gotta get rid of that tan shirt for so many reasons………….


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