Steve´s best side?

I don’t know what my sexiest feature is.

Maybe my widow’s peak. My eyes.

I hear I have a good… ass

Alex O’Loughlin

TV Guide

September 2009






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23 responses to “Steve´s best side?

  1. SanDee

    He has the most perfect…ass I’ve ever seen on a human. Then there are his…thighs.


  2. Ally

    All of the above! Especially the last two. I don’t post often, but thank you for all you do. This has to be the best AOL site on the Internet.


  3. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Thats his best sidelol


  4. He has one good side, all of him.


  5. His in-side.
    The way you show your inside is your outside.
    And that is the PoP, the lashes, the eyes, the way his ass does its thing, the face, the right amount of chest hair, the tattoos and … his laughter.

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  6. I remember this… it was the first time I had every heard that a Widow’s Peak was sexy! But when it comes to Alex, every part of him is sexy and that includes his brain!! Love this man more and more!! THX for this GIF… sexy ass is right!

    BTW, was this the TV Guide article where he had won Sexiest TV Doc?


  7. Everything about you is so gorgeous and sexy cannot pick one special thing


  8. … and his nose, and his arms, and his shoulders, and his teeth, and his… well. Alex is sexy all over, wherever you look.


  9. Dq

    The man is so genetically perfect (including his few imperfections) that it hard to remember that he is not photoshopped. However, one of his most outstanding features is how he wears a sock. He…He…


  10. Sonja

    Everything on him is sexy! I wouldn’t know where to start and where to end … he simply is gorgeous and one bloody amazing guy!


  11. gracenotpark

    LOL! Y’all are delightful and hilarious in responding to this post, and Paula and Foyeur…y’all rock for posting it. What an incredibly fun post and convo. And the “everything about him is sexy” vote seems to be the winner!


  12. Lulu

    My answer is every side of him is sexy!


  13. Regina Filange

    Wow! Everything about this man is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad you posted this today. I just had a dream with him in it last night. Had a dream he worked with law enforcement in my hood. I wash I could have slept longer to see where it went😏. I think each and every one of us is thankful for all of his ASSets.


  14. lipstx4evr

    I love all the comments! But…dat ass. Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm good.


  15. OMG! All of him inside and out is totally sexy and his personality just tops everything off perfectly.
    Ya know if he were an egotistical jerk no amount off good looks or ASSets could keep me comin’ around and wanting more year after year. ♥
    I don’t care if my friends and family make fun of me for loving Alex so much. ♥ *sigh* ♥
    I’m not afraid to admit he’s my TV boyfriend…the man of and in my dreams ♥
    Obsessing over Alex makes me happy…nuff said. 😀


    • Regina Filange

      Well said. I too consider him m my tv boyfriend. My friends do make fun of me for my love of Alex and my HUGE desire to make a trip to Hawaii before Alex leaves the show or the show ends. Let them make fun of us all for our obsession. It’s a damn good one to have.😏


  16. cwtshjan

    Kath40 you just spoke my words. Love every inch of this man but the personality makes the man who and what he is and is probably the sexiest part of him.


  17. Magnólia

    Amo o seu andar dançante e toda a anatomia!🎶🎼🎸🎻


  18. Annie

    All I can say is Malia is one lucky lady


  19. Carol A Roscoe

    His eyes, oh who am I kidding his whole body!!! Is his best side.


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