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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – 3½ weeks in review (18 Dec – 10 Jan ’17)

At last we got through all the eating and family gatherings during Christmas and the holidays. And of course we kissed the old year goodbye ….. All this while things were really quiet here in our Alex O’Loughlin world of fangirling. I think it is the first time in all these years that there were no “fresh” news or pictures of Alex during this period. 😦

But at least we know Alex is back on the set and he is looking as good as ever (if not better), doing his thing as Steve McGarrett. My guess would be that he had a good relaxing time with his family and friends during the hiatus, and that is just as great as no news.

Thank you to those who have posted some pictures and also to those how found some old ones. Please (Sadie, Titine, BeeM and the others) never stop searching for those old and new gems of Alex. You make our fangirl world a better place!

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Life on the Set:

  • Some pictures taken during the filming of lasts weeks episode surfaced during this time …

cbrower1973   To that one time I was fortunate enough to be an extra on set with #alexoloughlin and @mannyperez1 to watch these two perform and perfect their art in person was truly an honor.,.i hope I get the opportunity again.. the scene at the table will never get enough justice. @hawaiifive0cbs @ohanacasting



actoranthony   Chillin #onset w/ the #phenomenal actor, my man #Mister #SteveGarrett himself, #alexoloughlin moments after the #funk went down on #CarlosDiego in the #mexican #jungle @hawaiifive0cbs #style #blessedtoworkwiththebest #actor #ALF #imdb #television #actorslife #bts @cbstv @cbsla @cbstvstudios #follow #like #share #ThanksForYOURSupport #GodBlessBillions


  •  And we got this new picture with a wonderful compliment towards Alex from his guest star.
elisabethrohm  Love our work together! #Alexoloughlin take a lesson from this one! Such a kind, generous and talented soul! @hawaiifive0cbs#moretocome #hawaii #diamondhead#actorspeak
(Kind, generous and talented soul!’that is exactly how I, even from afar, feel about and like to describe Alex to others. And it is wonderful to see somebody working with him, express those exact feelings in words)

Fan Photos:

  • A brand new picture posted today …..

Karen Davis Visited the set of “Hawaii Five O” today!! It was so much fun!! And we got our picture taken with Steve McGarrett!! Can’t wait to see the episode that they were taping!!! Big thank you to Kyle for setting it up!!


( 17 Dec 2016)  Watched Alex O Laughlin (sic) eat pancakes at work casual


  • Some older pictures:
Carol Reader (6 February 2016)
Cassandra Lynn · (9 April 2016) Tonight the episode of Hawaii 5-0 aired that my family and I got to be on the set of. Flashback Friday to meeting Alex O’Loughlin in between scenes ❤️ 🌊🌴☀️


Video from the set:

  • Alex/Steve knocking on a door ….

Paul Pfeiffer Hawaii 5-0 nighttime film shoot in Manoa

News for the week:

  • They are back filming!!

danieldaekim   Back at it! First day of shooting in #2017. #H50



Trivia for the week:

#10) Here’s another guy who, like Justin, does a few scenes shirtless and women everywhere are swooning every time he does. It’s usually when he’s surfing those amazing Hawaii waves. The rest of the time, he’s running the Five-O team and doing it with grace and style. He’s a manly man from the top of his head to his toes. And, a mention of “Hawaii Five-O” wouldn’t be quite complete without saying something about his fabulously hunky co-stars, Scott Caan as Danny Williams and Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly. Together they should be called “The Manly Bunch”!

Just for interest sake a definition of “manly”: Possessing qualities, such as vigour or courage, generally regarded as appropriate to or typical of a man; masculine.

Refreshing to see that they chose to show a clip of  manly Steve, cooking his long time lover a steak on the beach, rather than wielding his gun.

I love it.

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Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • does alex oloughlin have a piolets licence

I enjoyed this one so much, because I am really bad at spelling myself. And many times I get the words so wrong, that even spellcheck do not know what I wanted to write …..


Next Week:

  • I guess they will finish up with filming Episode 7:17 during this week. Just 8 episodes still to be filmed for season 7 ……


Great thing about posting this in the middle of the week, is that the weekend is not that far away, and this Friday there will be another new episode of Hawaii Five-0 …… with some fresh Alex footage to see.

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